Thursday, April 11, 2013

Madison McKenzie to release debut album

Recording artist Madison McKenzie, a uniquely gifted singer, songwriter and performer from the fertile farmlands of western Illinois, makes her footprint in the country music genre with her debut album entitled A PART OF ME.** The musical composition (produced by Bob Bullock of Shania Twain, Reba McEntire, George Strait and George Jones fame) comes from her own independent label, Madi M Music, and is set for a May 28, 2013 release via all major Internet retail outlets.

Madison McKenzie’s music is an expression— of faith, youth, confidence, soul, and most of all, her love for God’s creations. Captivating listeners with a sweet sophisticated sincerity, Madison's creative and contemporary delivery of "her kind of country" is deeply rooted in her respect for the all-American music tradition and her belief and devotion to God and family. Like pages from a personal diary, the subject matter is true to her being, encompassing friends, family, love and death.

With five songs penned by McKenzie (“Run,” “Give Me A Reason,” “This Is My Life,” “Me And You,” and “That Is The Truth”), the eleven-song CD is truly a window to her soul. Encompassing thoughtful, heartfelt ballads, and playful and engaging upbeat tunes, A PART OF ME showcases her talented breadth as a storyteller and a pure vocalist. Offering a “wise-beyond-her-youth” perspective, the arrangement “My Friend,” (McKenzie/Nate Jackson) is a snapshot of a friendship with a “distant” future before them and the reminder to cherish every last moment. The classic fiddle threaded through the southern strung piano paints a picture of happy nostalgia to live in the present while separation looms inevitable. Madison’s fluttering vocals take center stage in “Waiting On Your Love” (McKenzie/Mariah Lung/Megan Redmond) while layers of elevating crescendos of soft electric guitar roll leisurely—a song about chasing after love even if unrequited.

“This project is honest, but that’s just who I am; it’s “part of me” and I hope listeners have an appreciation for my sincerity,” Madison McKenzie introduced.

Diagnosed with Phonological Processing Disorder (a communicative condition lengthening the processing and relaying of sounds and information) at an elementary age, Madison quietly and courageously overcame the hurdles before her with music as her instrument to serve as a newfound voice. Translating genuine feelings from pen to paper, to a musical expression, Madison writes from a place that’s within and displays an array of emotion that boasts all the colors of a rainbow. Her testimony reveals truthfulness in age yet a maturity that’s “lived-in.”

“I used to be hesitant and less confident, but my music has helped me to grow in so many ways,” added Madison. “I want to be able to use my music to make a lasting impression on others, to help them overcome obstacles when they might feel helpless or alone and be an artist people can look up to.”

Raised in Camp Point (with a population of only 1,200), this beautiful blue-eyed, seventeen-year-old sensation sings true to her rural farm lifestyle. As the middle-child centered between her four siblings in a musically inclined family, Madison is no stranger to hard work and play. She is a young road warrior who travels to and from Music City to concentrate on her endeavor to become a career artist. Promoters and venues have acknowledged Madison’s talents; she is a seasoned performer who has appeared at concert events across the country including numerous fairs and festivals, Nashville’s Country Music Walk of Fame and NASCAR races.

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