Friday, April 5, 2013

Retox to release debut album

 RETOX  are set to release their Epitaph debut on 5/7. Their  new album, YPLL is 12 blistering tracks of stripped down/back-to-basics rock n' roll with bombastic attitude and art-rock intelligentsia. It's the type of rallying battle cry that inspires lingering and dormant primal urges and too-long-suppressed societal dissatisfaction in those who encounter its punk rock lineage and postmodern crash-and-ban.

RETOX features the subcultural iconoclast and artistic visionary Justin Pearson is known in critical circles, amongst contemporaries across a wide variety of genres and to fans of incisively incendiary artistic expression around the world as one of the guiding lights of the groundbreaking outfit THE LOCUST.

Check out their video for "Congratulations, You're Good Enough" here:


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