Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steve Vai to release album and tour


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Steve Vai - The Story of Light Vinyl

Steve Vai - The Story of Light Vinyl
Virtuoso guitarist and visionary composer Steve Vai is set to release his latest studio album, The Story of Light on vinyl April 16th worldwide. This double 180 gram LP Story of Light set was mastered from tape and cut at 45rpm by legendary audio engineer Bernie Grundman for the best quality listening experience available on vinyl. This set also includes an entirely new redesigned 8 page vinyl booklet in a gatefold jacket.

The Story of Light vinyl is available as of today for online pre-sale orders. First 100 customers who purchase the vinyl receive a John the Revelator 7'' Vinyl. The first 50 customers will have their 7'' signed by Steve Vai!

Performance Track List
Vinyl 1:
Side A
1. The Story of Light
2. Velorum
Side B 
1. John the Revelator
2. The Book of the Seven Seals
3. Creamsicle Sunset
4. Gravity Storm

Vinyl 2:
Side C
1. Mullach a'tSi
2. The Moon and I
3. Weeping China Doll
Side D
1. Racing the World
2. No More Amsterdam
3. Sunshine Electric Raindrops

Mr.Vai has been busy this year working on a new symphonic piece titled, "The Still Small Voice", the second installment of last years composition "The Middle of Everywhere." Both pieces will be performed in Holland at the Osterport in Groningen on May 24th and 25th, 2013. CLICK HERE to view tour dates! 

Visit to order The Story of Light Vinyl and orchestra tour dates!




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