Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Jim Morrison book to publish

It was 1967 in LA. Teenager Judy Huddleston’s parents had just gotten divorced and she began spending her last year of high school at rock concerts. Left wanting to transform herself during the drastic transition from the conservative rules of the 50s to the free ideologies of the 60s, Huddleston lost her sense of self—she began experimenting with psychedelic drugs and alcohol and sought the attention of boys her father never approved of. But when Jim Morrison stepped into her life, the girl she was seemed innocent compared to the woman she was to become.
Chronicling her four-year on-and-off relationship with the Doors’ front man,Love Him Madly: An Intimate Memoir of Jim Morrison (Chicago Review Press, June 2013) by Judy Huddleston with foreword by former groupie Pamela Des Barres provides a direct and unprecedented view of the late 1960s subculture like never before. Written in the idealistic voice of a teenaged girl—some[JH2]  of the memories are from Huddleston’s diary at the time—Love Him Madly offers fans of Morrison an intimate look at the singer through his tumultuous sexual relationship with the young Huddleston while painting a portrait of a complex human being. Judy’s misguided attempts to find her identity, truth and freedom in her ideal man was a product of her all-too-human hunger for love. In her eyes, Morrison was an incarnate god, an infallible creature yet as he pulled her into his life, Morrison brought her deeper into her own obsession, quickly tilting her dream world toward madness.
A cautionary tale of sex, codependence and misplaced spirituality, Love Him Madly is a must-read for Jim Morrison fans looking to celebrate the 70thbirthday of one of rock’s most iconic legends.

About the Author:
Judy Huddleston teaches writing and integrated arts at California State University–Monterey Bay. She is the author of This Is the End, My Only Friend and has been published in many literary journals, including NANO Fiction, New South, the Los Angeles Review and Wordriot. She lives in Monterey.

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