Thursday, June 28, 2007

June on tour and readying album for August

Recently wrapping up the recording of their second album on Victory Records Make It Blur (release date: August 7, 2007), Chicago indie rockers JUNE aren't sitting around on their butts, waiting for the album to come out. They're doing what comes naturally - they're hitting the road. Currently finishing their early summer tour with A Change of Pace and This Providence, June are continuing on in their van for a tour with Boys Night Out and Emanuel up until release date.
"It's going to be great just to be out on tour," says drummer Mark Sutor. "We know all these bands well, so the shows should be a ton of fun. We've been off for about nine months writing/recording, so touring will be awesome."
Make It Blur is a marked departure from the band's debut album, 2005's If You Speak Any Faster. With Marc McClusky (Hit the Lights, Powerspace) in the producer's chair, the band set out to create their opus, the album they'd be incredibly proud of. And Make It Blur is just that - an album they're incredibly proud of.
"We took way more time with this record compared to our last one," explains Mark. "We thought we did enough work the last time, but to go with the theme of the record, we knew how much more work we had to do this time around. We demoed every song numerous times and went over them with different parts until we were completely stoked with every idea. On the last record, we went in and recorded all the ideas we had and that was just the 11 songs that made it onto the disc. With this record, we had 18-20 songs to choose from."
Culling it down to the 12 strongest songs, their hard work really paid off. From the orchestral oomph of the opening track "No Time For Sense" to the acoustic-led intricate guitar work of "Finally" to the harmonica-laden pop gem "I'd Lose Myself", Make It Blur is an album that bypasses transition and lands them in the winner's seat. With each of the 12 tracks a standout, June has created a cohesive album that shows incredible growth and truly presents the band as seasoned musicians not afraid to show their really tight melodic edge while demonstrating their musical chops at the same time.
"We definitely drew from our influences much more on this record," he continues. "It has a lot more of a pop feel. Influences range from Maroon 5, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, Justin Timberlake, etc. I think the fans are going to love the songs because I feel like we have matured a lot more in-between the last record and this one."
Make It Blur is the sound of a band on the verge of hugeness... With this album, their potential to break through in a big way isn't blurry... It's crystal clear.

JUNE on the road
Jun 27 Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
Jun 28 The Rock Papillion, NE
Jun 29 Picador Iowa City, IA
Jul 5 Belvidere Theatre Belvidere, NJ
Jul 6 Revolution Hall Troy, NY
Jul 7 The Buffalo Icon Buffalo, NY
Jul 8 TLA Philadelphia, PA
Jul 9 Webster Theatre Hartford, CT
Jul 10 Knitting Factory New York, NY
Jul 11 Axis Boston, MA
Jul 12 Sonar Baltimore, MD
Jul 13 Peppermint Beach Virginia Beach, VA
Jul 15 The Casbah Charlotte, NC
Jul 16 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Jul 17 Orpheum Tampa, FL
Jul 18 The Social Orlando, FL
Jul 19 Ray’s Downtown W. Palm Beach, FL
Jul 20 Jack Rabbits Jacksonville, FL
Jul 21 The Beta Bar Tallahasse, FL
Jul 23 Meridian-Red Room Houston, TX
Jul 24 White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
Jul 25 The Door Dallas, TX
Jul 27 Skate Park Cordova, TN
Aug 17 House of Blues Chicago, IL

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