Thursday, April 4, 2013

Naama Kates in LA April 26

Naama Kates


Naama Kates



Los Angeles, CA

For myself.
For myself.

What are you afraid of losing?

Just yourself, just yourself.

Why can't anybody help me?

Help yourself, help yourself, help yourself:

Dan (the man!) from is introducing the secondmusic video from "King for the Day," directed by talented filmmaker and good friend of 10 years, Aaron Lehmann...  It's for track six, "Help Yourself," which has an accordion.

It's dark, it's moody, it's genuinely lonely and eerie.  Prepared to sleep with the lights on.  :-D


Also, my CDs are now available in glorious 6-panel digipack, designed by Bill Smith.  I took some photos of 'em and put them up but you can buy your own personally at:

(They're also available on Amazon but for some reason they set crazy prices up there...) 

And after last Friday night's great show with Tone Drift Trio, Grex, and EYEAR, my next gig is on Friday the 26th at 10 PM (yay!) at Room 5.... Buy tickets.  Be a doll.  You know I love you. 

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Still in LA.  Still tutoring.  In fact about to go do that right now..............


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