Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New L.A. Folk Fest in Ojai May 11

This Saturday May 11
The New L.A. Folk Fest takes over a rustic tavern in Ojai.
The Deer Lodge  2261 Maricopa Hwy
Time: 8pm Cost: $10 
Buy tickets at the door or online
Click here for camping and lodging suggestions
The Deer Lodge
 Built in 1932 as a general store where travelers could pick up picnic supplies and ice, the Deer Lodge also served as a place for hunters to skin deer, hence the name. In the 1930s and '40s its basement was reputed to be a secret gathering spot for gamblers and ladies of the night, and in 1947 it was transformed yet again into a popular bar and dance hall. By the 1960s, it had become a rugged roadhouse, where cowboys, bikers and hunters could shoot pool, play darts and get into a brawl or two.
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit
Rooted in Americana, country and hillbilly influences, this band delivers soul donning beards, overalls, and flannel. They sit at the throne of a revival scene in their native Oakdale.
Watch a video and another video and another one
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Restavrant is junkyard high art. Electrocana, roots, punk, country and slide blues merge through the mad science of frontman Troy Murrah's beer soaked grumble and his drummer's homemade drum set's beer buckle breaks.
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Ocha La Rocha
Johnny la Rocha’s grainy vocals and irreverent lyrics evoke a juke joint bluesman, a libidinous southern rocker, and a tender-hearted, crooning cowboy. His band juxtaposes stripped down rock songs with lavish, quasi-psychedelic arrangements, next to wailing country folk.
Watch a video and another video
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Bloody Death Skull
The band swirls together ukulele with whatever sounds, toys and instruments they enjoy into a pleasant, lo-fi sound, rooted in the sort of fun, sappy, playful and sneaky tunes you find in late-50s American Rock and Soul. Visually, the outfits, toys, lights and bubbling test tubes are a feast. It’s a PBS daycare set.
Watch a video and another video
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The New L.A. Folk Festival formed in 2010 by Daiana Feuer and James Cartwright to harness the emerging new folk community in Southern California culture. Not every show can take place on a mythical mountain ranch, but some bands manage to deliver a slice of that atmosphere when they perform for city-folk at a concert. It's acoustic and electronic, traditional and experimental, throwbacks and progressive ideas rooted in the whimsical present. Committed to creating a truly unique experience for audiences as well as bands, the Folk Fest seeks unique venues, non-venues, turns stages into forests, and is obsessed with cowboys and ghost towns.
Upcoming events:
May 24: Amanda Jo Williams album release with Dorian Wood, Tommy Santee Klaws,  Insects vs Robots at El Cid (L.A.)
May 25: Bloody Death Skull album release with Guy Blakeslee (Entrance), RT N' The 44's at Pehrspace (L.A.)
June 15: Tonalism, an all-night ambient music happening co-presented with Dublab at Zorthian Ranch (Altadena)
August 3: The 4th annual New L.A. Folk Fest

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