Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rdio suggests Mother's Day playlist

Mother’s Day is approaching (May 12), and in honor of this special day, Rdio has put together a playlist full of tracks that pays tribute to mothers everywhere.  From Christina Aguilera to Alicia Keys, some of the music from today’s hottest moms is included in the playlist appropriately called Dear Mama - A Musical Tribute as well as song dedications from 2Pac, Ozzy Osbourne and B.B. King.  Please let me know if you can cover and if you need anything else!

Dear Mama - A Musical Tribute by Rdio
  1. 2Pac  -  Dear Mama
  2. Drake  -  Look What You've Done
  3. Taylor Swift  -  The Best Day
  4. Christina Aguilera  -  I Turn To You
  5. Kanye West  -  Hey Mama
  6. Tracy Bonham  -  Mother Mother
  7. Danzig  -  Mother
  8. Spice Girls  -  Mama
  9. The Shirelles  -  Mama Said
  10. Dolly Parton  -  Coat Of Many Colors
  11. The Rolling Stones  -  Mother's Little Helper
  12. Ozzy Osbourne  -  Mama, I'm Coming Home
  13. Kate Bush  -  This Woman's Work
  14. Earl King  -  A Mother's Love
  15. B.B. King  -  Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
  16. Madonna  -  Mother And Father
  17. Justin Bieber  -  Turn To You (Mother's Day Dedication)
  18. Sinead O'Connor  -  Thank You For Hearing Me
  19. Fountains Of Wayne  -  Stacy's Mom
  20. Lonestar  -  Mr. Mom
  21. Alicia Keys  -  Superwoman

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