Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Detroit Cobras in LA area May 24 and 26

The Detroit Cobras Live in Los Angeles area!
Friday, May 24th @ The Down and Out
Sunday, May 26th @ The Constellation Room

The Detroit Cobras are touring in support of their most recent Bloodshot Release TIED & TRUE.

The Detroit Cobras:

When we come into this world, some of us get tapped on the head by God, the Grand Poobah, Mother Nature, or who/whatever and are granted extraordinary gifts; there is no question that Detroit Cobras’ singer Rachel Nagy rolled snake eyes at the Grand Casino in the Sky.  With Tied And True, their first new record in 3 years, the Cobras practically done created a new genre all for themselves and deliver the sonic goods to back up some seriously supernatural soulful vocal gifts.

Rachel started out by belting revved-up rock yowlers and has grown into the gen-u-ine gutsy, vulnerable, delicate and commanding soul-on-the-edge singer.  She effortlessly glides from R&B sass, to girl group pathos to kitten-with-a-whip toughness with a snap of her chipped fingernails. Longtime musical partner in crime, guitarist Mary Ramirez keeps the DE-troit Motor City in the Cobras with her body shop wallop, greasy rock ‘n soul rhythms and a bold grasp of old school, big room arrangements.

The Detroit Cobras Live!
Friday, May 24th at The Down and Out
501 South Spring St. – Los Angeles, CA
Show time: 8:30pm
Ticket Cost: $15
Ages: 21+


Sunday, May 26th at The Constellation Room
3503 S. Harbor Blvd. – Santa Ana, CA
Show time: 8pm
Ticket Cost: $15
Ages: All

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