Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chronicle of the Old West recounts the past

For over nine years Dakota and Sunny Livesay have pursued their passion of educating people about the history of the American West in an entertaining way.

They believe the United States is the great country it is because of our frontiers. Four hundred years ago the Pilgrims landed on this continent. During the first three hundred of those years the United States had a frontier. The last frontier is what we call the "Old West."

Dakota and Sunny believe, whether good or bad, our country's resourcefulness, ingenuity, work ethic and moral code came from the pioneers as they pushed west. And, we will not fully understand who we are as a people until we understand the heritage of our American West.

Comprised of reprints from 1800's newspapers, their monthly newspaper, Chronicle of the Old West, gives the reader the experiences of the people and events of the 1800's American West.

Chronicle of the Old West Daily Edition is a short format radio show where Dakota tells the story of people and events from the Old West…Incidentally, both the newspaper and daily radio show share stories that took place in the current month some 125 years ago.

In addition to the daily show, Dakota hosts a weekly hour long show called, of all things, Chronicle of the Old West Weekly Edition. During this show Dakota has conversations with Old West experts and celebrities. He also plays cowboy music and poetry that expresses our heritage.

With the daily show on 140 stations, and several stations playing it two or three times a day, the weekly show on 60 stations, their newspaper read around the world, two award winning CDs of Old West stories, and a web site with approximately 250 pages (,
each week Dakota and Sunny expose some four million people to the history of our American West.

In addition to the above, Dakota also has a “History” section in each issue of Cowboys & Indians Magazine that shares information about our Western heritage. Incidentally, that column is also called Chronicle of the Old West.

Wanting to see and share the places they talk about, Dakota, Sunny and their dog Jake are presently on a Stampede Tour traveling the West full time.

For more information contact
Chronicle of the Old West
(928) 532-2875;
P.O. Box 2859,
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