Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Steve Byers releases new album

Steve ‘Daddy-O’ Byers may need an introduction, but his music probably doesn’t. Having been on the scene since the rock’n’roll heyday of the 1950s, Byers is a true musical survivor.

And if the name sounds unfamiliar, his music should ring some bells. Because of the 11 tracks recorded for his faultless ‘Steve Byers Artist’ album, seven of them have been picked up and used in films and television shows.

One listen to these eleven pitch-perfect nuggets of old-time rockabilly, country and pop originals and it should come as no surprise that so many producers have heard something special in the sound of this talented and stories singer-songwriter.

Inspired, as were so many, by the Sun Records recordings of Elvis, Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins, Byers has crafted his own modern take on the swinging sound of the golden era of American popular music. Tracks like ‘Hillbillly Cat’, ‘Memphis Rock’ and ‘Ready to Rip’ should satisfy both hardened rockabilly aficionados and anyone who is new to the music but knows how to have a good time on the dancefloor.

With the increasing popularity of ‘old-time’ music and the revival of the jump-jazz and rockabilly scenes amongst both the young and old, there could be no better time to introduce the man they call ‘Daddy-O’ to the wider listening public.

Byers’ songs have already made waves on both sides of the Atlantic and have been featured on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. But now is the time for him to break into the mainstream.

The album ‘Steve Byers Artist’ is as good a dancefloor filling slice of modern Americana as you are ever likely to hear, and with a dozen new tracks coming this summer, Steve Byers is an artist with a big past behind him and an even bigger future ahead.

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