Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soul Control readying new album on Bridge Nine label

Soul Control has garnered quite the reputation from bold statements made in Revolver Magazine and elsewhere saying they’d be happy releasing EPs in lieu of full-length albums and touring for the remainder of their career. Well well well…

Soul Control has spent the last two weeks in the studio with production guru Jay Maas (Verse, Shipwreck) and their soon-to-be released full length album has been completed. Their Bridge Nine debut, titled Cycles, is set to hit the streets on August 25th, 2009.

Soul Control has been on a touring spree over the last year.

Switching vocalists is a challenging situation for any band to endure, but Soul Control is one band that emerged from a change of frontman stronger and better than before. With a sound that started out as more straight forward mid-90's influenced hardcore, the quartet has emerged with a noisier, looser influence from Am rep bands like early Helmet and Jesus Lizard. As guitarist, and grandiose statement giver guy Jim Connolly stated, “We didn't just want to write hardcore songs with this part here and that part there-we wanted to write great songs and we had a change and a chance to re-explore that. With Rory, it felt natural and the change in how we wrote happened quickly.”

With the release of Cycles this August, Soul Control is preparing to show the world just how jazzy and loose hardcore can get. Until then, SC will be touring the east coast with Rotting Out and Backtrack in June. Get your groove on.

Soul Control
East Coast Tour w/ Rotting Out and Backtrack
6/18 @ Anchors Up- Haverhill MA
6/19 @ Vibe Lounge- Long Island NY
6/20 @ Stelton Church- Edison NJ
6/21 @ TBA - Richmond VA
6/22 @ Roundhill Community Club- Lexington SC
6/23 @ TBA- Atlanta GA
6/24 @ Greencup Books- Birmingham AL
6/25 @ Murphy Building- Indianapolis IN
6/26 @ Roboto Project- Pittsburgh PA
6/27 @ Barbary- Philadelphia PA
6/28 @ Firehouse 13- Providence RI

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