Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spray 'n Wash launches clothing care site and contest

As the little black dress is for evening wear, the little white t-shirt is the summer wardrobe staple. However, keeping that white t-shirt clean all season is not easy. Before you fight a BBQ sauce stain or dirt from the garden, stop and listen to your clothes!

You may have heard that 97%* of clothing labels warn against the use of chlorine bleach.** What’s even more surprising is that 98% of garment labels on white clothes read the same! This summer, the fabric care experts at Spray ‘n Wash – with more than 40 years of stain fighting experience – recommend new Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White. Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White is a safe and effective alternative to bleach to fight stains and keep your favorite white t-shirt white and stain-free.

For years, consumers have relied upon bleach to treat stained white garments, accepting bleach accidents or spills on colored garments as a potential risk. In fact, 79% of consumers have had bleach accidents while doing laundry that have damaged their clothes. With Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White, cleaning your clothes becomes risk-free. Add Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White to your detergent to successfully remove stains and keep your whites white. And the best part is that it’s safe on colors too!

“Moms have been taught to whiten whites with chlorine bleach,” said Colleen Burns, ‘Mom on the Run’ home expert and Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White spokesperson. “But if moms knew that 98% of labels on white garments warn against using bleach, they would reconsider and choose Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White instead. Listen to your clothes and stop putting your clothes at risk as your mom had done. From the kids’ baseball uniforms to your favorite little white t-shirt, Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White takes the worry and risk out of stain removal.”

Formulated for use on white clothes as well as colored, Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White is safe to use on your favorite garments - even those in which manufacturers instruct against using bleach. Burns encourages consumers to read manufacturers’ care instructions; simply because a shirt is white does not mean it is automatically compatible with chlorine bleach. In addition to solid white garments, Burns recommends the use of Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White on patterned clothing, i.e. a logoed baseball uniform or printed t-shirt.

For further tips to keep clothes bright this summer, Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White encourages consumers to visit The site shares clothing care facts and tips from Burns, consumer testimonials and a sweepstakes with the chance to win a Luxe Laundry Room Makeover valued at $10,000, including a washer and dryer, a year’s supply of Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White and $8,000 cash! More than 80 additional prizes will be awarded to entrants monthly through December 31, 2009.

To enter, visit and submit a personal true story of a frustrating bleach accident that happened while doing the laundry. (Photo entries depicting bleach accidents also will be accepted by April 1, 2009.)

Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White is available in 44 oz. (SRP $4.99)*** and 75 oz. (SRP $7.99)*** sizes and can be found in the laundry care aisle at major grocery and mass retailers nationwide.

For more information on Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White, visit

For more information on the Listen To Your Clothes Sweepstakes, visit


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