Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Film Riot" added to Revision3 summer lineup

Creating special effects for independent high quality films has never been easier, thanks to Film Riot, the latest show to be added to Revision3’s summer programming lineup. An entertaining exploration into the art of independent digital filmmaking, Film Riot will launch today on the leading Internet TV network at

“Film Riot gives viewers practical insight, tips and tricks into the ins and outs of Filmmaking 2.0 in the Internet age—and keeps you laughing all the way,” said Ryan Vance, Vice President, Programming and Production, Revision3. “The hosts are real cutting-edge indie filmmakers who will be sure to engage viewers, attract eyeballs and deliver new, exciting content which appeals to our target audience. Plus, they’re hilarious!”

Hosted by film guru Ryan Connolly, the weekly series Film Riot follows a team of indie filmmakers—from scriptwriting to the premiere of their latest film—who provide DIY and how-to tips for making high quality films with little to no budget.

Each episode opens with a short film or hilarious sketch that features a special effect or technique. The hosts then demonstrate how to create the effect by revealing their insider filmmaking tips, tricks and strategies. Experts from the film industry will also join in roundtable discussions about film and the practical implementation of these techniques.

“We wanted to work with an Internet TV network with access to an intense, committed fanbase to further expose our content,” said Ryan Connolly, host, Film Riot. “Revision3 is the ideal platform for Film Riot; the network will help us grow our audience and give viewers new ways to have fun on the Internet—whether it’s learning to blow up a head or crash a car to create their own on-screen action.”

Film Riot will be released every Thursday at

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