Friday, May 29, 2009

End o' week musings

I'm looking forward to this weekend so I can get some rest before everything gets crazy again... I laid low this week, nursing my ankle back to health and I've made progess-- I'm off my crutches!

Saturday night I went to see the Fullerton Guitar Orchestra in concert. They were phenomenol. It's truly amazing what sounds can come from what appears to be such a simple instrument. I also stepped next door in the wine bar for the after-party and sat at a table with several of the musicians. We had a terrific chat over beautiful glasses of red wine. I toast to FGO, wishing them a happy and safe journey on their Bulgarian tour!

On Tuesday I interviewed Michael Anthony (Van Halen bassist) about his new band Chickenfoot. The group is rounded out by Sammy Hagar on vocals, guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Their self-titled album was set for release June 7, but has been moved up to June 5.

I have spoken briefly with Michael before at NAMM and he was gracious and funny. When we talked Tuesday, he was a joy. We discussed Chickenfoot, his childhood and college years, a touch of Halen, his love affair with cars and his other businesses- Bonspeed Wheels and Mad Anthony's Hot Sauce. For more info on Michael, visit also watch for my story next weekend or so at

Wednesday I had to take my car back to the body shop again to let them fix the things they should have the first time. What a pain! But they gave me a pretty nice rental, so I'll live. In the afternoon I attended Aage's memorial/funeral. It was heartwarming to see that he touched so many people, as the chapel was sooo full that people were crowded, standing in the aisles. He will be missed. I won't say more, as I'm starting to tear up again.

Thursday morning I called Casey Crescenzo of Dear Hunter for an interview. If you haven't checked out this band you should. They are closest to the progressive rock genre because of their approach to their music and in that their material is more of an entire story per album rather a bunch of songs stuck together.

The band is going on tour in support of it's third album in a six-album series that relates the life story of a fictional character who is an everyman in a way. This effort focuses on war, not taking sides, but presenting feelings and reactions from various points of view. Dear Hunter will be at the Glass House in Pomona June 21, so my story should be at that weekend if you're curious. I also know that there will be an interview with Casey by Dave Schwartz posted on in July. It might be fun to compare the two!

Tonight I am going with my friend Cindy to the Pasadena Playhouse ( ) to see "The Little Foxes." My interview with Julia Duffy is now up at , along with my story on the upcoming "Traffic" exhibit by photographer Benny Chan at the Pasadena Museum of California Art ( ). Cindy is moving up north next week and this will be our last soiree. We're going to go out to dinner and make a nice evening of it.

Next week I will getting ready for the four-day Group Exhibit at the Gallery at the End of the World. It opens Thursday and runs through June 7. I will be dancing there June 5 with Zaynah and our drummer Ric Sarabia. Here's the info so you can mark your calendar:

Friday Art Night
Event: 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Friday, June 5
Several performances by Almase Arabesque with drummer Ric Sarabia, also guest band
Art show and sale
$5, all ages
McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World
2475 N. Lake Ave.

In rotation this week: Tom Petty, Orange Sky, Chickenfoot, Janis Joplin and "World Reggae."

Photos we got 'em: Only two cool kitty photos from

Thought of the week: Is it really a right? As a rule I post almost every comment I receive on my blog even if the writer has something negative to say. There are a few exceptions- really bad language, an ad or other distasteful stuff. This week I had a person leave a comment that part of a post had been repeated and they felt the artist whose gig it was listing wasn't worthy of a posting to begin with. I let it go and responded that I was merely passing on information.

The writer commented back rudely and negatively. I allowed this and I explained, as most of you are aware, that this blog was created first to provide information. When the newspapers I work for had to start cutting back in content, there were many interesting items that would never see the light of day. My answer was to post these press releases on a blog as a service to our readers and others who might want to be in the know. I never claimed to write everything I post, I include sources when I feel it's merited and have often clarified this fact when I have not written something for which a reader has given me kudos.

However, I do add personal comments when I have something to say, I reference to my own articles elsewhere on the Web and I always write at least one fully "personal" blog entry each week. So far, the majority of my readers seem pleased with this and understand my goals here.

But this particular person just couldn't get it and was even more debase with his comments. I kindly encouraged him to find another site more fitting to his needs. I also admonished him for only signing Anonymous (if readers give a real contact name, I sometimes e-mail them directly for a better conversation), stating that it is bad manners to be mean to others and not be honest about yourself. Again, I encouraged him to go elsewhere with a wish for "happier surfing."

He retorted with some very hurtful and abusive comments about my character and that of the artist in question, adding that the Internet gives you the right to say whatever you want without disclosing who you are.

I finally gave up wasting my energy on the matter and deleted the entire series of comments, as I realized that the writer was just trying to provoke me and, for some unknown reason, attack and discredit me and the artist who started his snit.

I believe that although you can be anonymous on the Web, this doesn't give you free rein to be nasty to others. If you don't like a site or a blog, move on~ there's zillions more!

I think people like Mr. Anonymous are unhappy with themselves and have found yet another venue where they can lash out... thank goodness I don't have to live next door to the miserable guy!

As for my readers, I still will welcome your comments, suggestions and other thoughts and am more than happy to post them to share with others for a meaningful discourse or just a fun flow of chat (see MTV to launch "Rail n' Rock Saturdays" posted April 29, 2009).

Mickie's Zoo is for you, readers, as a source of information you may not find elsewhere, along with a sprinkling of my adventures. Please continue to help me make this blog among your favorite daily stops for entertainment news.

Keep on rockin'


Media Reviews said...

how did the interview with Casey Crescenzo go? any details about the new album?

Mickie said...


Casey was really cool-- very pleasant and intelligent. The new album continues the story of the character in the first two as he goes to war. It looks at war from various points of view. The music is interesting and well-arranged and is showing growth from the previous works-- just like Casey's goal.

Casey said that the band will not duplicate the album live, but offer their best and most honest interpretation. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing what they do with it!

Keep on rockin'