Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Songalive! seeking artists for summer showcases

Songsalive Showcases around the world are looking for artists for summer showcases.

The following chapters are looking for you!
New York / Los Angeles (North Hollywood) (West Hollywood) / Sydney / Scandanavia / Orange County / Seattle / Grass Valley

You have to be a Songsalive! member to apply.

To join Songsalive go to:

To apply go to:

Login and read the criteria and then send it in. We will get back to you right away.

Check out our Chapter pages for details:

Join our email list and discussion groups at www.songsalive.org/community.
Be reminded of this event by joining eNotes discussion group on that link.Songsalive! is a non-profit organization dedicated to the nurturing, support and promotion of songwriters and composers worldwide.


Songsalive! supporting and promoting songwriters and composers worldwide

About Songsalive!
Since 1997, Songsalive! is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the nurturing, support, promotion and education of songwriters and composers worldwide. Songsalive! is run by volunteer songwriters for songwriters and has reached the far corners of the globe with chapters worldwide. Through our grassroots international efforts, we’ve put a stamp on what “global community” truly is. Join us today at www.songsalive.org

Join Songsalive! at www.songsalive.org/join
See all our programs on our websitewww.songsalive.org/programs
Apply to Showcase as an artist at www.songsalive.org/showcases

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