Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here II Here offers music perfect for yoga

These days, 16.5 million Americans are taking a break from all the daily chatter and moving onto the chanting, as yoga's trendy musical movement reaches a record high. In response to the increasing popularity of yoga as the "it" New Age workout and the go-to outlet for stress relief, the niche market of spiritual and chant artists has seen a direct rise in album and concert sales.

Traditionally, yoga instructors have taught classes without music, but today, these instructors have become the DJs for musical fusions comprised of Indian Kirtan and Asian Mantras as well as African and Brazilian rhythmic fusions inside the nation's yoga studios.

Among these spiritual artists, Here II Here is a Miami-based American-Latino band known for their down-to-earth, peace-promoting lyrics and holistic messages. Accessible and comforting, Here II Here's New Age music is family-friendly and particularly popular with the 30-50-year-old female set.

Featured on Good Morning America, Here II Here has performed at several yoga studios around the Southeast and major venues such as American Airlines Arena in Miami and the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.

Their newest self-titled CD consisting of 14 songs, including hits "Holy," "Alien," "Plankton," "Your Dreams," "Feelings Come and Go" and "It's Al Light," comes out June 20 as a kickoff to their much anticipated CD release tour this summer.


Bryan Reeves said...

Hey Mickie! Thanks for the shout out. How did you hear about HERE II HERE? We're going on tour this summer and may be coming near you. Where are you!! I'd love to invite you as our guest to a performance. They are outta this world!!!!

Manager. Here II Here.

Mickie said...

Hello Bryan,

I received a press release about Here II Here and, as my readers know, practice yoga regularly, so I had to pass it on. I would enjoy catching you live, please drop me an e-mail at when you're coming to Southern California.

Keep on rockin'