Friday, December 18, 2009

Blackmore's Night releases "Winter Carols"

This holiday season you are invited into a magical, mystical world of whimsy, fantasy and melody. Introducing a sound inspired by the pageantry and romance of the beautiful music of the Renaissance times. Presenting the sixth release by Blackmore's Night, Winter Carols, by Candice Night and music legend Ritchie Blackmore. This beautiful collection of Renaissance-inspired versions of classic Christmas favorites offers an eclectic array of entrancing and charming wintery songs.

A fascinating combination of soft rock music and European folk melodies which fuses instruments of the Renaissance era with those of the modern day, Blackmore’s Night is a wondrous collection of talented musicians from around the world whose aim is to produce music that absorbs the beauty, simplicity and warmth of the Renaissance period.

As with Blackmore’s Nights previous efforts, the music on Winter Carols is inspired weaving the fanciful melodies of another time into a captivating sound with acoustic and electric guitars, strings and eclectic instruments all entwined with Candice Night’s ethereal and enchanting voice.

Winter Carols features familiar favorites, new songs including "Christmas Eve" and even their unique interpretation of The Rednex "Wish You Were Here". Each track is a magical, velvety blend of lush orchestral arrangements, organic Renaissance instruments, guitar mastery and ethereal vocals. Listening to Winter Carols is like sitting next to a roaring fire with a glass of cherry brandy as the crystalline snow blankets the earth outside.

Night and Blackmore have always loved the winter- the earth seems to be blanketed in innocence and purity. It evokes memories of good friends and families sitting around the fireplace, or the spirit of the holidays when the world seems to be a more forgiving and gentle one, and people join with those they love. It evokes music that was sung and performed for hundreds of years by minstrels of the Middle ages- and many of these songs still emerge today during the winter season. This is Blackmore’s Night interpretation of many favorite carols.

Let Blackmore's Night be a part of your holiday fantasy! To view a Christmas Eve video from Winter Carols please visit:

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Upon hearing her music, or seeing her on stage, Candice Night feels like she’s from another time and place. She is whimsical and mystical, magical and free. Yet she’s also a woman who is dedicated to the authentic beauty of music and uses it to heal and to transport the listener to that place, along with her.

Night is an award-winning composer and singer who is currently spanning the globe to bring everyone who is bold and brazen enough to join her, into a universe of mysticism and modern-day fantasy; a world where legends transcend living and where people allow themselves to be catapulted to a place that doesn’t just exist in their dreams. Candace’s style, part Stevie Nicks, part fairy princess, has always been about being strong and mythological, while still holding onto her femininity.

Blackmore’s Night’s latest offering, Secret Voyage spent four weeks atop Billboard’s New Age Chart and has soundly established Night as a powerful artist and vocalist in her own right. Please visit for additional information: or

“I really want to pour so much positivity into the world. Our music gives them all-the father who loves the musicality of it, the mother who loves the romance of it and the children, who love the adventure and whimsy of it, permission to live in the joy of life.” -Candice Night

When it came time to look for a career, Candice knew that she was destined to work in and around music. After working as on on-air personality for a local radio station, one day, as fate and timing would have it, the seminal rock band Deep Purple came to town for a charity event and legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and Night connected on both a musical and personal level. Soon, Candice went from sharing her gift among friends to singing background vocals before a crowd of 15,000.

Feeling musically renewed, Ritchie left Deep Purple and gave birth to Rainbow, a band that he had founded prior and wanted to reform with a new sound that would feature Candice. After a #1 single with Rainbow, Ritchie formed a new group to spotlight the vocal and songwriting talents of Candice Night, currently known as Blackmore’s Night.

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