Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grant Langston news

Holy Smokes 2009 is O-V-E-R! That's hard for me to believe, and it's even harder to believe that it is the end of the DECADE. the aughts are O-V-E-R. Seems like just yesterday I was stockpiling canned goods and ammo anticipating the Y2K disaster that never came.

First off, thanks for your support over the past year. It's all worked out nicely, and your support has been vital. New record, Stand Up Man. A nice gaggle of press, some inspiring shows, and New baby, Elizabeth Pearl. (I guess your support wasn't necessary for the baby, but you get the idea.)

So, as the last few moments of 09 tick away Here's a few interesting items I'd like to share...

1. New MUSIC! Free Music Download - I Don't Give a Damn, She Don't Have a Clue

As some of you know, my wife had our first baby in August. I do have a small demo studio in the house, but it sits right next to the baby's room. This has made it somewhat challenging to write and demo new stuff. We thought that maybe this child would love to hear daddy working out new songs.

One day Catie brought her in and let her sit and listen to me. The first time I let loose with a high note she screamed bloody murder. Oh well.

So, I've been forced to get clever with my songwriting venues. I have a Honda Pilot that I use to haul the band and our gear around the country. It has a big back seat and so, I've taken to sitting back there with my Taylor and working up new material. Perhaps not the most inspiring songwriting room, but the view is variable.

This new song, "I Don't Give a Damn, She Don't Have a Clue" came to me during one of these automobile songwriting sessions. I recorded it on my iPhone, zapped it over to my laptop, uploaded it to SoundCloud...and here it is. You can just listen, or download. Merry Christmas!!

2. We Need You! Vote Stand Up Man as a "Best of 2009"

We got a nice review from A Truer Sound earlier in the year and they've added us to the ballot for Best Record of 2009. Please take a moment to click HERE and vote. No registration is required. Stand Up Man is listed near the top of the second column.

3. Amber Waves of Twang Best of 2009 Pick

Amber Waves of Twang has established itself as one of the leading Americana/Alt Country blogs in the country. We got a real nice review from them back in October, but we're thrilled to hear that they've added us to their Best of 2009 list...along with fellow LA artist Gina Villalobos. Read it here...

4. Video from the "It's a Cinema Bar Christmas" Show

As many Los Angelinos know, The Cinema Bar is THE home of LA Country music. It's a small place. It's a rowdy place. We usually have a Christmas show there... and on December 8th we kicked out the jams. Carols, Presents, and an appearance by You Know Who.
Here's a little guerilla video.

5. Article Published in Raised Country

I got a real nice note, via my publicist, asking me to write a short piece about growing up in Alabama. On my left arm, right below the bicep is a scar that came courtesy of a barbed wire fence. The story of how that fence ended up ripping my arm open was the one I chose to share. Read it HERE.

Lots of cool things coming in 2010. We'll see you on the other side!


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