Thursday, December 31, 2009

End o' week musings

This whole Christmas/New Year's thing is a bit much for me. I wish the holidays could be spread out a bit more because it seems like FOREVER until you get another one....

Christmas Eve I joined my friend and movie critic extraordinaire Vernor Rodgers for dinner and a movie. We went to BJ's, one of our favorite spots, where I enjoyed a big bowl of tomato bisque soup and a wedge salad. Then we were off to see "Up in the Air." It was quite good-- the acting was superb and the script wasn't neat and obvious. Not really a thinking movie, but worth watching.

I made breakfast burritos for my mom and I on Christmas morning. I was shocked- she said she had never had one before!! We opened presents, watched the Disney parade on television and went for two long walks.

In the evening I went to my boss' house for dinner and met her the latest addition to her menagerie, Nora, a foster dog. Nora was neglected and isn't very socialized. She wasted no time licking my hand as I came in the door, but she just can't bring herself to letting someone pet her. But she's gentle, sweet and really great with the charming corgis Liberty and Cedric. I think she'll eventually be OK.

Dinner was very nice. My boss' husband cooked ham and potatoes and we also had some of that red slaw salad from North Woods Inn. Yummy! There were also lots of nibbles, such as cheese and crackers, cookies, chocolates, veggies and more. Dessert was your choice of pie, ice cream, cookies and other decadent delights, plus a nice cup of coffee.

After eating, we took the corgis on a walk. It was beautiful outside with the stars in the sky and the lights on the houses. A perfect evening!

My friend Cindy was in town visiting so we met for breakfast Saturday. It was sooo great to see her and learn all about her new life in Northern California. She misses her friends, but she looks terrific and seems extremely happy. I think the move was good for her marriage. Plus her dogs love walking on the beach and her kitty has the run of the house, so all's good.

Later I went to Carin and Tom's to finish the last of the curtains I've been hemming. I also made a cover for their tiki bar. I'll admit that I somewhat surprised myself, as I had to figure out how to do it never having made one before. We had dinner at Stoks and soaked in the hot tub- heaven!

Sunday was fun, as I went with Louise to visit mutual friends Sidney and Richard. Again it was an afternoon of eating and chatting... and lots of laughing. I like those guys so much, I can't wait to get together again.

Monday my friend Andrew of Andrew's Bad Stuff dropped by. We had dinner at the Dockside and hung out catching up on everything. He brought me a pair of fuschia sneakers and got the size right! I'll be looking good in the new year. He also brought me a copy of his band's new CD- it sounds pretty good for homemade.

I began Tuesday by freezing in Irwindale at Fiesta Parade Floats. I was assigned to work on a float and write about it. You can read my story posted below. Watch for the bird with the red beak and feet on the Rainbird float tomorrow in the Rose Parade-- that's partly my work.

I stopped in the office to write for a bit and then dashed home and changed to meet my special guy and kid at the Speedzone for two rounds of mini-golf. Why do those guys always cream me on the course?! I think I need to sneak off and practice before our next game.... But it was fun and we spent some time in the arcade as well, which was a different thing for me.

We ended our day with chili cheese fries and pastrami sandwiches at The Hat. I love the Wild Cherry soda there! It was a very nice day-- but too short!

But wait, there's more. While on the course, my mother called me to tell me about the sale at Ikea. When I got home, guess where we went?! She bought a couch and I picked up the shelving unit I wanted. Oooo, we're stylin', huh?!

Wednesday and today are just sorta normal. I don't have anything exciting planned for the weekend. Perhaps catching up on sleep and cleaning the house should be on my list.

Photos we got 'em: Just a couple of pet pics from the usual places.
In rotation this week: Tribe of Gypsies, Tom Petty, Joe Walla, Morpheus (my former band) and the HorrorPops.

Thought o' the week: Right now everyone is talking about resolutions and what they can do for themselves in the coming year. You've heard it all, I'm sure- lose weight, relax, work harder, learn something new, blah, blah, blah. Why does that have to go into effect just because it's a new year? You can do this stuff any time.
Still, this is a time for reflection, so I will offer my suggestion for the new year which is quite simple- be nice. Be nice to your family, your friends, the clerk at the post office, the cashier at the market, the person you pass on the street. Smile, say thank you, open a door, whatever... just take that extra second and make someone else important for a change. I promise it will come back to you when you need it most.

Happy 2010!!
Keep on rockin'


Bob Davis said...

What a nice black & white kitty! Couldn't tell from the photo whether it is a "Tuxedo" or a "Holstein". We used to have a Tuxedo cat at the railway museum; he was always ready for a formal occasion with "white tie and tail".
And the photo of your Majesty--made me think of Xena: Warrior Princess (who could kick warlords' butts and look utterly smashing at the same time.)
Live Long and Prosper!

Mickie said...

Yes, the kitty sure is charming~ I just had to share his cute little mug! Love those tuxedo cats!!

As for your Xena comment... I've been told that I look pretty good welding my swords lol!

Lots o' hugs,