Monday, December 28, 2009

Tom Behrens seeks return of stolen musical instruments and equipment

I just got done playing at a private party Saturday, Dec. 19, in Pasadena. Around 1 or 2 PM, Peter Burke and I were loading our equipment into our cars. After making a couple trips to the truck and closing the back, I went in the house to get my amp. One of the guests yelled, "Who's got the white truck?....It looks like some kids are unloading it" I ran out to find my truck open and empty.

They got my upright bass, Fender electric bass and my gig bag with a mic, cords and some accessories.

I drove after them and some of my friends walked up and down the block looking for any signs of them but to no avail. I later found out that it was a group of 4 or 5 guys in their early 20's, two of which had been in the house helping themselves to the buffet when they asked them who they knew and then told to leave. It put a total bummer on an otherwise perfect night.

Here's a detailed list:

1.) Kay upright acoustic bass, with a brown vinyl cover. Equipped with two pickups installed on the bridge. As far as any markings, there's a pencil sized hole patched with duct tape on the side of the bass near the bottom. Also of interest, I was told when I bought this bass back in '84 that it belonged the Larry "the Mole" Taylor of Canned Heat and John Mayall fame.

2.) Fender electric Precision bass in a black hard Fender case. The body is brown and has a black pick guard, a Badass bridge and an extra pickup right next to the bridge. There's also some teeth marks at the end of the head stock (don't ask why). I bought this bass from Bruce "Meadows" Wandemeyer, of Pecos and Doo Wah Riders fame and once belonged to radio personality, Freddy "A Tad Rad" Johnson of Blue Chow, Preston Smith, and Curb Feelers fame.

3.) Small beige suit case, covered with stickers (including but not limited to, Tribal Horses, Roy Rogers Museum, I survived y2k with Snotty Scotty & the Hankies, Bosco Tech, I'd Rather be a Roper Than a Doper and Use an Accordion.. go to Jail). Contents: L. R. Baggs parametric equalizer, Shure SM57 microphone with cord, a cheap tuner and some guitar cords.

If you see any of this stuff or have any leads please call, e-mail or roll down the window and yell.

Much Grass,

Tom "Billy Booger" Behrens

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