Thursday, December 17, 2009

CSN launches Imagination Nation Contest

CSN’s Imagination Nation Contest is a coast-to-coast search for the country’s most creative kid. We’re asking parents to describe the most creative thing their child has ever done and, in return, we’re rewarding every entrant with a 10% Off Discount, to be used on any of our sites. (So the contest is also a great way to save on purchases for the holidays and beyond). The grand prize is one full year’s worth of toys and a brand new bedroom desk/bed set from Lea Industries.

With this contest, CSN looks to inspire young couch potatoes everywhere to rediscover their creative sides while also acknowledging and awarding children that already exhibit such talents. We launched this contest because we feel that today’s kids really need an ‘Imagination Rejuvenation!’

To enter the Imagination Nation contest, a parent just needs to log onto or
and fill out the brief entry form. The contest runs until February 16th.

We’ve also posted a number of products and suggestions on our contest page that will help parents build their very own ‘Imagination Nation’ at home. Some of these toys include brand new science kits, play tents, puppets, and craft tables.

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