Friday, May 10, 2013

End o' week musings

What a busy, crazy week I've had! A little slower than last week, but....

I spent my weekend dancing at the Renaissance Faire. I danced so much, I could barely move on Monday!   But back to Saturday- my friend Dean and his mom came out for the day and caught my  1 p.m. show at the Kids' Kingdom stage in the food court. That's when I pull out the big guns... ummm... three swords.

I had a lot of "groupies" that show too. A clutch of little girls sat by me to take turns on the tambourine and some of them were really good. All of them were adorable in their costumes and very sweet.

After Faire, I went with Dean and his mom to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Monrovia, which I discovered is the prime spot. There were many people dining in their period costumes and it was quite funny, as the decor is mostly Victorian furnishings and the food is Italian.

This week I interviewed Marina V., who will be performing at Make Music Pasadena, a huge festival on the first weekend of June. I also spoke with David Spade, who is coming to do a night of standup at the Ice House in Pasadena. He was very nice and not snarky like many of the characters he plays.

Tomorrow I will be joining my friend Carin and her dog Ivan the Terrior for Bark in the Park. It's a special Dodgers game where fans can bring their dogs. There will be a few things for the pups prior to the baseball games and each dog gets a goody bag. I was particularly amused when Carin told me that she had to buy a ticket for the dog too, which is for his seat. Ivan is around 15 pounds and loves laps... in fact, the seat might even fold up on the little guy. But rules is rules lol! It should be interesting.

My biggest news for next week is I am scheduled to interview Bjork for a story to preview her appearances here in June. She is one of my favorite musicians, so I'll have to focus on being professionally and keep my giddy fandom at bay. But seriously, Bjork! How cool is that?!

In rotation this week: Dust, Vermouth and Hot Water Music.

Photos we got 'em: As I sai,d Dean was at Faire, so he was nice enough to share his photos of the Queen lunching with fairies playing around her, Wren of Iniquity performing (they're really good!) and me dancing with Ad Hoc Consort and "holding court" with my cute groupies.

Thought o' the week: Hold on. It's not only been a busy week, but a tough one and there's some things going on in my life that are very frustrating, so I have to make a choice- I can fight back and ruffle it up more or just keep calm and hold on.

Janis Ian told me that she learned that you have to pick your battles. She's very wise, as some things are just not worth the fight. One way to gauge what to do is deciding if it is the right time or place to make your stand. That's a biggie and that's where I am now. For the moment, I have managed to put the things that need to be worked out aside for a later decision- hopefully one that will be talked out and everyone will give a little so we come to the best agreement for all.

My part in these issues will be remaining calm, firm, but pleasant. Most of the decision-making is beyond my control even though it affects me directly. I'm going to try to keep positive and hope for the best.

What do you do when things get tough? For me for now, I'm holding on.

Keep on rockin'

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