Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kritikal to release new hip hop album

Get yourself hooked on… Kritikal
Hailing from the same borough that produced the Wu Tang Clan, Kritkial could just be Staten Island’s next hip hop hero.
‘The New Drug’, the debut album from Kritikal – aka "the KRT" – is perhaps the finest hip hop album to emerge from the east coast for years. 
Like all the great hip hop records, ‘The New Drug’ deals with as many themes and issues as there are in life. It is real and honest, perceptive and poignant, funky and funny all at the same time.
This is an album that asks questions of its audience. It asks about why things happen and what can be done to change them. The name itself represents a nod to the growing prescription drug  addiction problem that is sweeping Staten Island – a menace that has already claimed the lives of some of Kritikal’s own friends. 

As a rapper, Kritikal has influences that stretch from Busta Rymes, through Biggie, Nas and Mobb Deep and, of course, the kings of Staten – the Wu. But, unlike so many of his peers, he grew up listening to wide range of music that has influenced his style – from Al Green to Frank Sinatra.
Perhaps that is why there is so much more than hip hop on this outstanding collection of music. Kritikal’s beats and flow are as good as anything out there, but its his unique songwriting talent that makes this album stand apart.
There are songs here that would go down on any dancefloor, songs for chilling out, songs for your ride. But most importantly – and most effectively – there are songs that will make you think, It is the lyrically conscious sound that is missing from so much modern hip hop that makes ‘The New Drug’ such a special record.
With this album, Kritikal has put Staten Island firmly back on the map – and he’s certain to take his music well beyond the borough borders.

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