Thursday, November 29, 2007

Afro Funke event tonight

Afrobeat, Brazilian, Dub, Reggae, Cumbia, Samba Disco,
African Salsa, Afro-Latin House, Indian Beats, Makossa,
Balkan, Funk, Blues, Highlife, Broken-Afro-Beat, Salsa,
& Other deep-rooted Soul music from around the world.
guest deejay:
$mall ¢hange (aka James Dier) will never stop. A musical addict, he's been collecting
and DJing for over 15 years, has 10s of thousands of records, in every
conceivable genre and time period. Seriously deep crates in funk, jazz, blues,
soul, latin, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, house, breaks, jungle, booty bass, classics,
rawk n' roll, punk, vintage RnB, disco, downtempo, ambient, get
the picture. Some people say they're eclectic--this homeslice lives it, with the skills
to mix it all together.

Out in clubland $mall ¢hange has played in every conceivable downtown NYC/BK
venue you can think of, swank, underground, big, small--but always funky. Places
such as APT, Nublu, Hiro, Supreme Trading, Cielo, Pianos, Centro Fly, the list goes
on and on and on. And forrays into LA, Berlin, France, Burning Man, Australia, and
your mom's basement.

$mall ¢hange also runs the 'Blackcrack List', an an information / resource / email list
about record collecting. Its been running for over four years and has over 250 DJs,
collectors and blackbelt crate diggers from around the world. Vinyl is the
blackcrack, and $¢ is addicted. How many rekkids? He's lost count. And yes, a few
are for sale/trade, so let him know what you got to deal!

9-10pm listening party & giveaways for:
“Everything I sing about is from my life,” explains 26-yr-old
acoustic soul songstress Ayo, “and I am always writing. These stories are timeless
because they are my life stories and my story continues each day-it has not stopped.”
Ayo (pronounced EYE-OH) has enchanted fans worldwide with her honest, mostly
autobiographical songs, filled with emotions and events that have shaped her life,
making her experiences both universal and personal. Her willingness to sing from the
heart has earned her many press accolades already-the London Mail on Sunday
called Ayo “a distinctive character…her candidness is an unstoppable force.” Ayo
frames these songs in soulful, reggae-flavored soul, r&b and folk rhythm. A gifted
songwriter, Ayo is also a skilled, self-taught musician who is adept at creating the
sounds that frame her words, playing guitar and piano.

resident deejay:
*J.Sole's "BRANCHES" on 89.9 KCRW (or Wednesdays 12-3am

hosted by:

afro funke’ photography & booking:
AFRO FUNKE’: Thursdays @ Zanzibar
1301 5th St. Santa Monica, CA. 90401
9pm 21+ 310.451.2221 $7

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