Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Artists and fans should check out FameCast

What makes so FameCast different?

FameCast combines the self-sufficiency, economic potential and networking capabilities of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook with the digital music capabilities of iTunes and the user-generated viral video elements of YouTube, all under one exciting, fan-generated contest. With 12 “virtual stages” encompassing music, spoken word, comedy, dance, short film and animation, FameCast provides artists in each category a real opportunity to connect to a nationwide audience and compete for the prize of $10,000 and global exposure as a FameCast “FÄ“nom.” In fact within its first year alone, FameCast has bestowed more than $350,000 to deserving artists.

The concept of FameCast is simple yet effective. It allows artists to:

Sign-up for free
Get discovered (including major industry opportunities)
Build and maintain relations with a dedicated fan base
Build support with other FameCast artists to create shared opportunities
Attract the attention of management
Attract attention of record labels
Distribute and/or sell songs

This process takes out the failed existing entertainment company models and rebuilds the process -- signing long-term contracts is removed from the equation and artists now can simply opt out at any time. FameCast’s concept is the future of the music and entertainment industry. It is the world’s first complete A-Z artist discovery platform.

What are entertainment industry professionals and journalists saying about FameCast?

“FameCast gives aspiring artists an edge in the ultra-competitive stratosphere known as show biz.” – Pollstar

“FameCast is an almost perfect marriage of user-generated content and a more traditional marketing model.” – Greg Sterling, Market Analyst

"Having a virtual venue like FameCast available to artists and their fans levels the playing field for the market to decide tomorrow's next superstar. FameCast is truly for the people,
by the people." – Paul Korzilius, Bon Jovi Manager

“Like American Idol online - only with more categories than just pop singers. There is spoken word, short film, comedy, and other stages.” – Austin Start-up

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