Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elyse Bruce releases new effort

Elyse Bruce - "Countdown to Midnight"

It could be said that Elyse Bruce was born to be in the music industry, realising at the impressionable age of two that she wanted to be a performer. Now as an adult, she approaches her work as a composer, arranger and educator with passion and sincerity.
The Canadian singer-songwriter and composer's new 12 track album "Countdown to Midnight" is a personal and diverse recording showcasing her unique talent as a songwriter. This is an album that spans genres whilst still maintaining an overall radio-friendly cohesion and beauty throughout. Songs like "Dans les feuilles" and "Autoroute" reveal the French influence in Elyse's writing and allows the listener further access to her diversity. Not content with just two languages or cultures, an evocative sense of a Native Indian ancestry is present in "Armistice Day" contrasting the gritty southern rock styling of "How Do I Begin". Of the 12 original songs written by Elyse, three were co-written with American artist Thomas D. Taylor.
The album was recorded with Tim Downs of Red Bicycle Studios in Peterborough, with Douglas Giesel at Elyse's home studio and with Gerry Dere of The Master Factory Studio.
The "Countdown to Midnight" CD is part of the "Midnight in Chicago" tourism and culture initiative, a project which aims to bring recognition to under recognized visual artists in their own communities as well as abroad while raising awareness and funds for Autism.
As the creator and leader of the project Elyse is a woman who fights hard in an ever homogenised creative industry, believing that, "the bona fide test is whether an artist can remain true to himself or herself." As well as devoting time to her music, Elyse is also a passionate promoter of Autism rights; autism being a condition affecting her son. To this end, Elyse is donating five dollars from every sale of "Countdown to Midnight" to autism organizations in the United States and Canada.
Elyse says of her advocacy: "It's evident in how I live life and in how I write my music. Nothing is ever wasted- no emotion, no situation, no challenge, and no gift. Everything provides me with a reason to ponder and to see things clearer than before."
"Countdown to Midnight" is a wonderfully interconnected album which allows the listener intimate access to a diverse recording artist. Elyse's ability to combine her passion for music with a significant purpose, gives this album an inspirational quality with serious weight.



Anonymous said...

I've known of Elyse's work for decades and one thing I most definitely can say about her, is she is not an artist to be pigeon-holed in to one genre or another. She is not only a multi-talented artist; she is a staunch advocate for many of society's "under-dogs" as well as a champion for her way-cool son Lewis, whom I also have the privilege of knowing!

Like all of Elyse's work that I am familiar with, there is much more to this disc than what one might pick up on first listen. Elyse writes and performs music that actually inspires the listener to think. Although I'm privy to some of the stories behind some of the songs, I am a staunch believer that when one listens to music, they make it there own by adding their own experiences, perceptions and visions to what they are listening to.

[As a comparison, I've not watched any of the "Lord of the Rings" movies because I am more than happy with the story, characters, settings, et al that formed in my mind and my heart when I read [and re-read] the books.]

I invite you to partake of the wondrous and musical journey that is "Countdown to Midnight" by Elyse Bruce. [I also hope Elyse finally gets the "overnight success" she so justly deserves after her decades working in the music biz!]

Mickie said...

Wow! What a great recommendation. I suggest that all my blog friends check out Elyse Bruce.

Thank you and keep on rockin'

Thomas D. Taylor said...

Howdy Mickie,

Thomas D. Taylor here.

My purpose in writing was to let you know that Elyse and I make it a point to find out where our press releases go once issued and you were the first to post the latest news from us on the net. So thanks a lot Mickie!

You can be sure I will direct people to your blog going forward.

(If you want to contact me you can go through the www.midnightinchicago.com web site, find the contact button, and Elyse will forward your message to me, or you can go to my www.artworkbytdt.com website and contact me through there.)

Mindmovie1 said...

We know Elyse Bruce as one of the very talented artists in the MI7.com community, where she owns a profile "Raven". Her music is absolutely awesome, very honest, her lyrics mean something to us and her voice is touching our hearts. Apart from her extraordinary skills as a musicians and singer she is in fact a very positive and active enganged person and a real pleasure to talk with. In other words we love her and her music - and she deserves our full respect and support. Our recommendation is: If you want to listen to some very inspired music - go and buy her CD's !
Truly yours
Flaming Bess from Duesseldorf Germany ( yes Elyse is meanwhile famous all around the world guys!!!)

Mickie said...

What can I say?! Another wonderful comment about Elyse Bruce. Check her out because, if you haven't, you're missing someone very special.
Keep on rockin'

Snowflakefireman said...

I know Elyses music from the musicians community MI7.com and I love it. I`ll tell you what it isn`t, it`s not your average run-of-the-mill pop nonsens. Her songs are deeply felt and touching. She`s an artist with integrity and style and a wonderful voice. The musicians behind her are the best and her lyrics gets under your skin and stays with you long after the last note has died away. You should definitively want to check out her new album carefully. You wont regret it.

Staffan R said...

Congratulations to your album.
It triggers me to make a new one myself.
Glad I met you on the the Mi7 community :-)

Staffan Ridaeus

Mickie said...

Wow! Elyse has some wonderful fans. Like I said, if you haven't heard her music, you need to check her out. My best to Elyse and
Keep on rockin'

Elyse Bruce said...

Hi Mickie and everyone who reads Mickie's Zoo. I want to thank everyone who posted to Mickie's Zoo about the music. I appreciate the support.

I'm in Chicago at the moment and wrapping up the Illinois edition of the 2nd Annual "Midnight In Chicago" Art Competition which is part of the tourism and culture initiative I started that also raises awareness and funds for autism.

It's awesome to have so much support from my friends, colleagues and fans. I truly do appreciate each and everyone of you.

And Mickie, thank you so much for including me in your blog.

All the best,

Elyse Bruce

Mickie said...

Please continue to send me updates on where you perform and when you release a new album and I'll keep posting for your ever-growing list of fans!
Best wishes for success,