Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Songsalive! happenings

The Las Vegas Showcase kicks off Second Mondays on December 10th @ Saxby's Coffee. Showcase coordinator Candace Kruse is looking for artists to perform the new Vegas showcase – login backstage to apply for the showcase; email Candace at vegas@songsalive.org
The Los Angeles Chapter has a new event– Third Thursdays at Karma Coffeehouse in Hollywood, starting December 15 th. They are looking for artists to perform the new L.A showcase – login to backstage www.songsalive.net to apply for the showcase to email Aaron Black, the L.A. Showcase Coordinator. Scroll down below to Programs and read about other showcases we have where we are booking artists.
this week at Songsalive!

Upcoming Calendar of Events
All these events and more details below can be found at www.songsalive.org/chapters
Nov 26 - Fourth Mondays - Songsalive! Showcase Amsterdam @ The Water Hole
Nov 27 - Last Tuesdays - Songsalive! Showcase Seattle, WA @ Tost Lounge
Nov 28 - Fourth Wednesdays - Songsalive!/BIMA Showcase/Workshop in Bellingham , WA@ The Wild Buffalo
Dec 2 - First Sundays - Songsalive! Workshop Los Angeles @ The Magdalene Centerwith Guest Speaker, Luis Oliart – see www.songsalive.org/speakers
Dec 6 - First Thursdays - Songsalive! Showcase Los Angeles,CA @ Coffee Junction
Dec 6 - First Thursdays - Songsalive! Workshop Queensland, Australia@ Coolum Community Center
New! Dec 10 - Second Mondays - Songsalive! Showcase Las Vegas @ Saxby's Coffee
Dec 12 - Second Wednesdays - Songsalive! Showcase San Francisco @ Caffé Trieste
Dec 13 - Second Thursdays - Songsalive! Workshop and Showcase Austin, Texas @ Café Caffeine
New! Dec 15 - Third Saturdays - Songsalive! Showcase Los Angeles,CA @ Karma Coffeehouse Dec 16 – Third Sundays – Songsalive! Workshop Boston, MA @ All Asia Bar
Dec 17 - Third Mondays - Songsalive! Workshop Grass Valley @ Lode Line Music
Dec 19 - Third Wednesdays - Songsalive! Showcase Grass Valley @ Rhythm's Café
Some of our chapters will be on holiday, please see below.
Dec 25 - No Showcase (Last Tuesdays - Songsalive! Showcase Seattle, WA) Merry Chrismas!Dec 26 - No Showcase (Fourth Wednesdays - Songsalive!/BIMA Showcase/Workshop in Bellingham , WA)
Dec 30 - No Showcase (Last Sundays - Songsalive! Sydney Showcase)
Dec 30 - No Showcase (Last Sundays - Songsalive! Workshop Orange County, CA)
Dec 31 - No Showcase (Fourth Mondays - Songsalive! Showcase Amsterdam) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
All the above Events, chapter locations and full Calendar listed at http://www.songsalive.org/chapters

We have various Songsalive! chapter events on hiatus - some are waiting for a new venue, and some are in transition. If you feel you'd like to help breathe life back into these chapters, please email online@songsalive.org with details on how you'd like to help.
First Thursdays - Songsalive! Showcase Chicago, IL (venue tba)
First Sundays - Songsalive! Showcase Boston, MA (seeking new venue)
Second Tuesdays - Songsalive! Showcase Denver CO (seeking new venue)
Third Thursdays - Songsalive! Workshop Byron Bay, Australia
Third Thursdays - Songsalive! Showcase Tamworth, NSW Australia ( venue changing)
Third Saturdays -Songsalive! Workshop & Showcase Nashville, TN (venue change)
Last Sundays - Songsalive! Showcase & Workshop New York, NY (about to land new venue. Hold tight for news!)

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