Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Color Fred in LA tonight and Pomona Wednesday

THE COLOR FRED (aka FRED MASCHERINO--former co-vocalist/co-songwriter/lead guitarist in Taking Back Sunday) will be in LA Tuesday, November 27 in @ the El Rey performing songs from his debut album BEND TO BREAK (Equal Vision Records), produced by the legendary Lou Giordano (Paul Westerberg, Sunny Day Real Estate). THE COLOR FRED is also performing on Wednesday at The Glass House in Pomona.

“Mascherino and his three companions are on top form, turning in a tightly assured, upbeat performance, and winning over the audience in tonight’s sweatbox with songs they’ve mostly never heard before. “If I Surrender” chugs and sparkles with bittersweet abandon, “Hate to See You Go” simmers melancholically before exploding into an instantly catchy feelgood chorus, while “I Didn’t See” features Mascherino getting his Van Halen on with a widdlesome solo. It’s confident, convincing stuff, and a joy to finally see Mascherino fronting a band where he gets to shine unperturbed.”
--Daniel Lukes, KERRANG! (11/17/07)

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