Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jan Kubiac releases debut effort

Jan Kubiac is a Maine-based singer/songwriter, whose musical interests began at a young age with her exposure to the quiet singing and playing of vocalists and musicians like Stan Getz, and Joao Gilberto. Now, whether she's playing folk guitar ballads, lullabyes, or uptempo songs with a full band, you can hear their influences in her rhythms and melodies. Kubiac's songs evoke lyrical images as she shares her intimate memories and visions with the listener.
Kubiac's debut album on the smasheasy® label offers up two sides of her talents: her smoky vocals and bossa nova-influenced folk sounds that her friends and fans love, along with a collection of songs written with children in mind which includes a suite of lullabyes. Two years in production, with songs from her debut album now available on all major European and US dowload sites and airplay reaching from the US to Germany, Jan's music is finally gaining a worldwide audience. Songs like "Todavia," take you on a musical journey to the Gulf of Mexico, while "Big Chunk," with its full band Instrumentation surprises you with a pop-edged beat.
The album features Aly McKnight, who was involved in the project from its inception, and whose flute melodies draw emotion out of every song she plays. Trumpet player Mark Tipton's highly skilled and light-hearted harmonies blend wondrously with Aly's flute, or stand alone complementing Jan's acoustic guitar.
Several of the songs were recorded live in the studio by this trio of accomplished musicians, and the resulting recording reflects their musical synchronicity. Lead guitar and drums by studio musician Pat Malia, bass by renowned producer/engineer Ted St.Pierre, and backing vocals, Celtic harp, keyboard and chimes by internationally acclaimed New Age recording artist Conni St.Pierre round out the ensemble.
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crystalline said...

Thanks for this, I listened to some of the music and it's really sweet!

Mickie said...

Hello Crystalline,
You're welcome. It's nice to know that people are checking out the indie artists I post on my blog. Music is better shared!
Keep on rockin'