Friday, December 21, 2007

End o' week musings

This week, things didn't happen as planned, but I made new and better plans and had a great time. As you recall I was supposed to go to San Luis Obispo, but it didn't work out and then Valerie's car died Thursday night, so it was Plan C-- when all else fails, go shopping!!

Friday and Saturday, we hit the stores. We got some great deals on Friday, but Saturday was the best because we explored the Block at Orange. I really liked Hilo Hattie's and found some great gifts there, including some fancy tea for my mother. Saturday night I ventured up to the Dockside Grill in West Covina to see Chico's Bail Bonds- they were pretty good and the crowd was into them, which is always a nice thing. Sunday I took fairly easy and Monday I ran some needed errands, but got a little extra rest.
Tuesday some of my co-workers got together at Northwoods Inn in Covina and we enjoyed drinks and dinner. I had my favorite- dirty vodka martini and tried the baked potato and salad dinner. Yummy!!
Wednesday I stayed up late wrapping presents and got so into it that I could barely get to sleep! I love making others happy and I'm excited to see them as they open the different things I thought they would like.
Last night I headed out to the Stardust in Downey to catch my friends, Phonic Euphoria. Unfortunately their drummer fell ill and they had to cancel, but there were five other bands so the night wasn't a loss. One of the groups, Lamarque Street, was on tour from New Orleans and they were very good. Smooth and happy rock reminiscent of REM and similar bands, yet quite danceable with good lyrics. They are supposed to be back this way in February, but you can find out about them now at

Today I interviewed two indie artists - Hans York and Koah. This evening, I'm heading out to Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park to catch Andrew's Bad Stuff, Punk Whores, The Thingz, Rover's Pinky and See It Through. It will be fun because Acid Andy is emceeing and that means a trivia contest with lots of prizes. Don't worry, you won't have to compete with me-- I helped him with some of the questions, so I'm out of the running.

The rest of my weekend will include two gatherings with friends, dinner and jacuzzi time at my mother's on Christmas, shopping for a Doo Dah Parade ( dress with my friend Cindy and appearing at the Gilded Age tour and tea at the Pasadena Museum of History ( ) on Friday.
Photos we got 'em- my usual goofy animals- enjoy!

In rotation this week: Music from Quantum Leap, Santa and Satan: One and the Same, Ren & Stimpy: You Eediot, Jon Boy and Billy's Christmas Album, A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night, A Wilderness Christmas, Brides of Destruction and Orange Sky.
This week's thought: Make a list. Yeah, I'm one of those - a list maker - and I'm darn proud of it too. I find that writing lists keeps me organized and helps me sleep better at night. I had a list while shopping, while wrapping presents and in my calendar. If I didn't keep a calendar I'd be lost! Work toward creating a stress-free new year by getting organized in whatever way works best for you... and...

Keep on rockin'

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