Thursday, December 13, 2007

Songalive! releases new sampler

Songsalive! announces the release of Songsalive! CD Sampler 9, setting sails for select music conferences, festivals, radio stations and film and TV music supervisors. Songsalive!, the largest internationally based non-profit organization supporting songwriters and composers, will be distributing this upcoming PROMOTIONAL Sampler to radios stations, print media, music conferences, festivals, film and TV music spervisors, music industry executives and promoted online throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Songsalive!, through the affiliated label Warrior Girl Music, has been making compilation Cds of songwriters' compositions since 1997 with three main aims:

- exposure of great songwriting talent and songs to the world's music markets -
- a way for songwriters and the music industry to connect directly with no middleman -
- a unique promotion of independent songwriters seeking placement of their songs, rather than ‘artists’ seeking fame -

The Songsalive! Cd Sampler series is the cost effective and exclusive medium for songwriters to reach the music industry worldwide, reaching the hands of publishers, record companies, music festivals, trade shows, artists, producers, radio, press and managers. It's all about the songwriter and the song. This Sampler showcases SONGWRITERS. By placing a song or even two on our Cd Sampler, their music gets heard by a huge network of music industry people waiting for "that next hit song." A unique way to pitch, license or get radio airplay of their music worldwide. Note, Songsalive! does not act as agent, publisher or take any cut from any placement. As a non profit songwriters organization, it’s mission is to provide the platform for songwriters to deal directly with the music industry, through a medium, the CD Sampler, that showcases their best songs.

FIRST STOP: THE TAXI ROAD RALLY Los Angeles, the Songsalive! CD Sampler 9 was exhibited there at our Songsalive! booth and hand-delivered carefully and selectively to music business professionals. 2008 distribution will include the DIY Conference Los Angeles Feb, Ascap Expo in April, Los Angeles, Apra songwriters conference April Sydney, IMC (Independent Music Conference) West Virginia and Philadelphia, South Park Tour festival Colorado June, and MANY MORE.

More details about the Sampler 9 and the Artists at

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