Friday, December 28, 2007

Park Seed launches recipe contest for gardening cooks

Do love gardening and cooking? is offering $25 Park Seed gift certificates to the gardener/chefs who submit the best recipes showcasing their horticultural handiwork. The contest is open to anyone who enjoys cooking and has a tasty recipe incorporating at least one edible item that can be grown using products from Park Seed Company ( ).
One $25 Park Seed gift certificate will be awarded in each of the following categories: appetizer, main course, side dish, and dessert.
To submit your entries, visit and click on the Submit Recipes Here button.
The contest runs from January 7th through February 15th, 2008. Complete rules are posted on the site, which is sponsored by Park Seed Company, Wayside Gardens, and Jackson & Perkins.
The website is hosted by award-winning gardening writer Anne Moore, who provides weekly articles of interest to gardeners who start from seed, hosts discussion forums on seed-related topics, and gives personal answers to questions submitted to Ask SwS.
According to Moore, "Most gardeners I know spend the winter months dreaming over seed catalogs and wishing they could be in the garden. This contest gives all those restless dreamers something fun to do when they can't play in the dirt! We also hope this will introduce those who love gardening at every level to the resources available on” is based on the popular Park's Success with Seed book (second edition 2006), written by Karen Park Jennings, granddaughter of Park Seed Company founder George Watt Park. The site, like the book, offers step-by-step instructions to help every gardener master seed-starting. It also provides extensive reference materials, including an encyclopedia of more than 400 genera of plants, illustrated with more than 1,000 pictures of seeds, seedlings, and mature specimens.

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