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UK electronic rockers Temposhark to release debut

UK electronic rock act Temposhark to release debut album "The Invisible Line"

"The Invisible Line" was produced by Sean McGhee (Frou Frou/Kate Havnevik) with two tracks produced by Guy Sigsworth (Madonna/Björk). Notable collaborations include singer Imogen Heap, Youth from Killing Joke and virtuoso violinist Sophie Solomon.

"The Invisible Line"
Paper and Glue Ltd / Defend Music
Release Date: March 4, 2008
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RIYL: Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Placebo

"Funktastic New Yoik punk sauciness from, um, London, this is music from the dark backroom of Studio 54 in 1982 where Prince, Cameo, Wham! and New Order are frotting each other into a lather over the very idea of Fischerspooner coming along in 20 years' time." -NME

"The excellent Temposhark have been causing a stir with their gritty synth lyrics in electrotrashy nights across town. Ace newcomers." - Time Out London

On March 4, UK electronic rock act Temposhark celebrates the North American release of its critically acclaimed debut album The Invisible Line. A massive hit on London's Uber fashionable electro scene (Bjork, Placebo and Darren Hayes are notable fans), Temposhark creates a slick and sexy sound comprised of synthesised pop, underground electronica, angst rock and film score soundscapes. Add an unforgettable live show into the mix and you're looking at an act that brings the complete package.

Comprised of art and fashion aficionado Robert Diament on vocals (previously worked for Banksy and other influential graffiti artists), Luke Busby on synths, Mark Ferguson on bass and Mathis Richet on drums, Temposhark have seduced the British alternative scene in both the seediest clubs (Nag Nag Nag / Electrogogo / Kashpoint /Computer Blue) and the rockiest live venues (Barfly / Marquee / Koko). They already have a strong US fan base thanks to support from KCRW, a successful USA debut at SXSW 2007 and a jam-packed club tour. In fact, 80% of sales coming from Temposhark's previous singles, remixes and EPs came from North America.

The Invisible Line features twelve original Temposhark songs that more than live up to the early promise of the critically acclaimed EPs "Joy" and "It's Better To Have Loved" (2006). "Joy" is a piece of dirty, synth-pop with pouty beats that seem to strut their way out of the stereo. The chorus is as catchy as they come and already has fans raucously singing along at every live show. "It's Better To Have Loved" is a sublime, soul-searching number produced by the world renowned Guy Sigsworth. This beautifully crafted electronic ballad features deep dub basslines and soaring strings in the chorus, perfectly reflecting the bands more chilled out stylings where Diament's vocals sound delicate and deeply emotive. Sandwiched in between these two tracks is one of Temposhark's most popular songs, "Blame." Co-written with legendary producer Youth, this track is the first single lifted from the album.

Two-time Grammy nominee Imogen Heap provides guest vocals on "Not That Big" and helps to take this epic record to another dimension with her operatic harmonies. Diament and Heap sing this "male vs. female" duet to create the ultimate anti-love song, loaded with heavy bass guitars and rock angst. Elsewhere, "Knock Me Out" and "Crime" are full of sexy electro sleaze while "Little White Lie" is a darker, rockier number with razor sharp lyrics. Then there are beautifully crafted electronic ballads such as "Battleships" and the spellbinding melodies of "Invisible Ink" which offers the perfect come down.

The Invisible Line is released March 4, 2008 on Paper and Glue Ltd in partnership with Defend Music. .

1. “Don't Mess With Me”
2. “Joy”
3. “Blame”
4. “It's Better To Have Loved”
5. “Not That Big (featuring Imogen Heap)”
6. “Knock Me Out”
7. “Crime”
8. “Battleships”
9. “Little White Lie”
10. “Invisible Ink (prelude)”
11. “Invisible Ink”
12. “Winter's Coming”

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