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Anane to tour in support of new album

Anané brings together the sounds of dance, reggae, rock, R&B soul, world and the Caribbean on Ananésworld

Produced by Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega and featuring a collaboration with fashion designer Roberto Cavalli on “Love To Love You Baby”

Nervous Records
**Release Date: April 20, 2010**

Recommended for fans of Grace Jones, Sade, Cesaria Evora, Elements Of Life, Jobim and
Saint Etienne


On April 20, Nervous Records will release the sophomore album from Anané entitled Ananésworld. A fitting title as it’s composed of music ranging in styles from dance, reggae, rock, R&B soul, world and the Caribbean; and because there’s a level of honesty that connects Anané with every note that’s performed on the album. Dance albums often come across as “tracks,” but what we have with Ananésworld is something more…It’s a rich album that throws back to a meaningful time and place.

Produced by Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega and co-produced by Anané, it won’t take very long to get fully immersed in Ananésworld. The opening track is a sparkling bass-heavy cover of Yoko Ono’s “Walking On Thin Ice” that brings some serious chic disco flavor. “Plastic People” offers a dance rock hybrid with tropical island flair while “Rock The Cradle” delivers a poignant message through whispers of reggae (both tracks co-written by Anané and Lisa Fischer).

Straight out of a vintage movie soundtrack the smoky and sexy “Terra Longe” and “Bem Ma Mi” are pure class from the French Riviera. Next, an interlude provides a clear transition between the two sides of Ananésworld. “Bigger Than Life,” “My Sexy Way” (co-written by Anané and Duane Harden) and “A New Born Day” reflect a love of classic R&B; “Let Me Love You” and “Let's Get High (Life Love Music)” reveals Anané’s dancier side; and Dancehall King Mr. Vegas and MC Tony Touch help tear it up on “Shake It” (co-written by Anané and Duane Harden).

A thick slice of 80’s NYC punk on ”Standing In Line” leads to a massive surprise that’s “Love To Love You Baby.” While there’s no doubt you’re familiar with Donna Summer’s original, we’re positive you’ve never heard it quite like this. That’s because Anané teamed up with iconic Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli for a stunning rendition of the classic.

On both a personal and professional level, Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega is a very important person in Anané’s life. Not only is Louie Vega this album’s producer and a great teacher/mentor, but he’s also Anané’s husband. Working together they recruited a talented team of collaborators including songwriter Duane Harden (Groove Doctors and Bob Sinclar writer); Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing); and 1992 Best Female R&B Vocal Performance Grammy award winner Lisa Fischer, who not only sang and arranged background vocals but also played an integral part in writing the tracks "Plastic People" and "Rock The Cradle."

Music has been in Anané’s blood since growing up in the Cape Verdean capital of Santiago. She discovered her talent for singing during family gatherings called “serenades” where people would play guitars and percussion instruments and sing a “morna,” a melancholic but beautiful ode to past times spent on the islands. Anané eventually brought her talents to New York City, where she met Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega who recruited her as an integral member of the Elements of Life Collective. This stepping stone lead to an international career including appearances at Japan’s world-renowned Blue Note, Europe’s celebrated Montreux Jazz Festival, Finland’s Pori Jazz, Holland’s North Sea Jazz Festival, Cape Town’s Jazz and Britain’s Womad Festival.

Perhaps her biggest gig yet was in 2007 when world-famous entertainment empire Cirque De Soleil personally approached Anané to perform the opening song for the Super Bowl XLII pre-game show. Her performance of “One Dream” was seen by more than 140 million people worldwide.

In addition to singing and producing music, Anané is an accomplished DJ. Setting Anané apart from other DJs is that, being a singer too, she will often get up on the console or stage and sing a few songs in the middle of her DJ sets.

Thus far, her mixing talents have lead to gigs at Pacha NY, Roots @ Cielo and a monthly residency at The SubMercer; while internationally she’s graced the decks at Roberto Cavalli’s Cavalli Café/Club (Florence, Italy), Ministry of Sound (London), Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos) and Chocolate Club (Morocco), among others.

Beyond all things music, Anané is a philanthropist and has a strong determination to help underprivileged kids. In 2007 she started The Anané Vega Scholarship Fund and is involved with Next Aid and Children Mending Hearts; all organizations that help children.


01. “Walking On Thin Ice”
02. “Plastic People”
03. “Rock The Cradle”
04. “Terra Longe”
05. “Bem Ma Mi”
06. “Reflections (Interlude)”
07. “Bigger Than Life”
08. “My Sexy Way”
09. “A New Born Day”
10. “Love To Love You Baby (Featuring Roberto Cavalli)”
11. “Standing In Line”
12. “Let Me Love You”
13. “Let's Get High (Life Love Music)”
14. “Shake It (Featuring Mr. Vegas & Tony Touch)”
15. “One Dream”


Anané and louie vega on tour together!

USA/canada DATES

1/29 – San Francisco, CA - Temple
1/30 – Las Vegas, NV - Prive (Planet Hollywood)
1/31 – Los Angles, CA - Deep
2/6 – Toronto, ON - Revival
2/10 – New York, NY - Roots @ Cielo
2/12 – Washington, DC - Club Liv
2/13 – Chicago, IL - Red Dog
2/14 – New York, NY – Pacha NY
3/23 – Miami, FL – The Wall/Grove

2/20 – Latina, IT - Unico Club
2/21 – Thessaloniki, GR - Remvl
2/26 – Milan, IT - Gasoline/Lift
2/27 – Trani, IT - Lampara
3/4 – Casablanca, MA – Chocolate Club
3/5 – Paris, FR - Djoon
3/6 – Geneva, CH - Deep
3/11 – London, UK - Ministry Of Sound
3/13 – Lisbon, PT - BBC Club

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