Friday, January 29, 2010

End o' week musings

No you can't make me! I need more week to finish everything I have on my list!!

OK, maybe I won't get my way, but I can dream...

Last Friday I went to the Pasadena Showcase House Empty House Party. The place they're spiffing up for charity this year is the Red Cross mansion in Pasadena. I had a mix of awe and anquish as I wandered the rooms, as there are many wonderful touches you don't see anymore (artifully decorated moldings, deep bathtubs with lion head taps- the water comes out their mouths!), but the place really needs a redo with its faded paint and stressed floors.

I think it will be very interesting to see what the designers will do, as this isn't their usual house, but an office as well... hmmmm....

I went to the Arcadia Blues Club to see Los Fabulocos and the Big Manny Band Saturday. I am still talking about Los Fabulocos' astounding accordion player. Now, I'm not big on accordions- Weird Al and a polka here and there is more than enough for me, but this guy was amazing. He played as if he wanted a guitar, but his parents gave him an accordion so he locked himself in his room and made the best of things. I think he could give the metal world a good shake for its songs.

"Extraordinary Measures" with movie critic Vernor Rodgers was on my calendar Sunday. The film was good, but could have easily been a television movie of the week. I liked the fact that it didn't go solely for emotion, but it really could have delved more into the science end of things (we're not dummies mr. director!). I definitely enjoyed Harrison Ford, as always too!

Last night I went to the David Weidman exhibit at Design Within Reach in Pasadena. I just can't get enough of his prints! So vibrant and perky!! My mother wanted to go too so I took her along and she really had a great time. She not only liked David's work, but the venue's furnishings displays. It's a really unique space and was perfect for the show.

This weekend's excitement remains to be seen, but I will get into my costume box to see what I can dig up for the Zombie Walk with Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, , on Feb. 6. The trek will groan and drag its way down the street to the gallery where there will be a big opening reception for "Zombies in Love."

As far as art, you still have time to see "Circa Something" at Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena. It will be open noon-5 p.m. tomorrow for the show, as well as the final day for its open call for artists for its March group show. For more info, visit

In rotation this week: Age of Evil, Mandy Patinkin and "Musicians for Minneapolis," a three disc compilation to aid those involved in the big bridge collapse several years ago.

Photos we got 'em: Ever wonder what happens to old bumper cars? My friend Bob Davis does and shared these cool photos with me. Also some cute pet pics from the Web and my friend Cindy's photo of elk near her house (that one elk sure looks like he's saying "Hey, I didn't sign a model release lady!")

Thought of the week: Deep cleansing breath. Oh yeah, I'm stressing. I hate the more-work-than-week weeks. And I know I'm not alone. To combat the pressure, I have a little list on my desk of what needs to be done and I'm checking it off as I go (including writing my blog- ha ha ha!).

I may end up having to put in a few extra hours at the office and I have some work waiting for me at home as well, but a nice lunch will help, plus being organized and not worrying about everything. But the most important thing to do will be pause a few times during the day and close my eyes and take several deep breaths. It clears your brain, slows your heart and pushes out all that icky stress stuff you have inside.

Have you paused to do something good for yourself today? Start by getting quiet and breathing deeply, drawing the feeling down to the base of your spine and slowly letting the air seep back out your nostrils or lips. Think good thoughts going in and bad thoughts going out. Six breaths are usually good. Remember to take your time - you deserve it.

Keep on rockin'

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Bob Davis said...

Those elk remind me of the time Pat and I were driving along 101 in the northwest corner of California. Along the road was a sign reading ELK, and we thought, yeah, sure. Probably not an elk in a hundred miles. Of course a few miles down the highway, there was a fine herd of "super-size deer", mocking our skepticism.