Monday, January 25, 2010

E1 Music donating to Red Cross with Andy Kim video

E1 Music donating YouTube royalty share to Red Cross for Andy Kim's Love Is video tribute

Hello from E1 Music – I know people might be hitting a bit of wall with the Haiti relief efforts, but, as if it needs to be said, your work in the media is so incredibly valuable at times like this.

I remember being 14 years old, getting up at 5:00am and watching Live Aid on the TV. I was fortunate enough to work with Bob Geldof much later, spoke with him for hours about those times. By no means could our label ever come close to the impact CBC TV’s unforgettable fusion of The Cars’ Drive and images of Ethiopia had on me and millions of others, but a bunch of us here got together with our new signing, Andy Kim and put together this little video to do what we can. It’s from his album, Happen Again, out March 30th, and yes, it’s THAT Andy Kim (Sugar, Sugar; Baby I Love You, etc. but that’s not the important thing now.

You have my permission to post this video on your site, blog about it, talk about it, Tweet it, email it to someone else, do whatever you think this video can help the cause. I’m looking forward to some mighty fine and passionate performances tonight during the telethon, to show me yet again that music is the greatest way to show us about love; and I’ll be in front of the TV tonight, remembering what Live Aid taught me so many years ago - the power of love, the power of hope, the power of the SONG.

Because, as Andy sings in Love Is, “Do you believe in miracles?/Do you believe in promises/Do you believe in love?

I do.

Thanks, and have a warm weekend,


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