Monday, January 25, 2010

Conni St. Pierre releases next album in Nature Spirits series

“Mountain Spirits” is the second album in Conni St.Pierre’s Nature Spirits series. Meditations, tone poems, and ambient improvisations on alto flute, shakuhachi, and keyboards inspired by the Never Summer range in the Rockies.

Much of the album is more vast and ambient than her previous works, imagining the spaciousness of a high mountain range. There are moments of Conni’s memorable alto flute melodies and world drum rhythms, but also passages where the simple resonance of the flute or keyboard creates a haunting soundscape.

More adventurous than Conni’s critically acclaimed Legends Trilogy, this work has a striking depth as she allows the music to just be what it is, rather than acting in the role of creator.

"Although the first two tracks are more lively, Mountain Spirits tends to be minimalist, introspective and reflective....drifting soundscapes suffused with shadowy beauty."
-- New Age Retailer Playlist

Conni St.Pierre’s music offers a blend of new age, ambient, and traditional music that has brought her fans around the world. Songs from her 3rd album, from the Legends Trilogy, reached as high as #2 on European and US dowload charts, and her fourth album, “Flower Spirits,” charted in the top 40 of new age radio charts. "Beyond the Sky: Legends of the Starry Night" was named the #1 New Age album for 2003 on Wind &Wire.

Conni’s music is widely used for yoga, meditation, t’ai chi, reiki, massage, and other healing arts, and she has also composed music specifically for guided yoga and relaxation releases.

The Nature Spirits series and the Legends Trilogy are available at,, and all major download sites.

As a member of improvisational ensemble, Forest Floor, Conni's music was part of the soundtrack of an award-winning independent forest documentary film about Tree-Sitter, Julia “Butterfly” Hill, and others in their work to save the ancient redwood forest.

In the summer of ‘06 she composed a soundtrack for a documentary by Mark Freeman Films about live poetry performance, titled “Poetry Live(s)” . Featuring live spoken word performances by 8 poets, it began airing nationwide on PBS in February, ‘07.

St.Pierre also works as partner and manager of The Outlook studio in the mountains of Maine, which she and her husband, producer/engineer Ted St.Pierre, founded in 1980.

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