Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hot Moon, Circus Minor and Never at Night at the Dragonfly Friday


Friday, January 29 in Los Angeles @ The Dragonfly
6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
A group of bands containing members from The Black Heart Procession, Grand Ole Party, and Street Drum Corp are uniting for shows in San Diego and Los Angeles this month. THE HOT MOON, CIRCUS MINOR & NEVER AT NIGHT deliver a unique blend of dark psychedelia, hypnotic R&B, and other rhythmical riotous and the musicians invite you on their unusual space-rock voyage.

About the bands:
THE HOT MOON is: John Paul Labno--Guitar (Electric), Saxophone; Sasha Pfau--Keyboards, Vocals; Jovi Butz--Bass guitar; Jason Hooper--Drums; Brad Lee--Trumpet
- “Indie neo-R&B rockers the Hot Moon was formed by members of Grand Ole Party, Mr. Tube, and Black Heart Procession. The band includes John Paul Labno (Grand Ole Party) and his Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects compadres Jovi Butz and Jason Hooper. Frontwoman Sasha Pfau plays keyboard and channels Billie Holiday-like vocals. They played their first gig September 19, 2009, at Sight and Sound, a North Park Arts event. (San Diego Reader)”

CIRCUS MINOR is: Daniel Denton--Vocals/Bass; Sean Simmons—Guitar; Adam Alt--Drums
- Circus Minor has a new album that is available to download for free on their site at: Also visit

NEVER AT NIGHT is: Ryan Jebavy--Vocals/Keyboards; Ivan Minsloff—Guitar; Daniel Denton--Vocals/Bass; Adam Alt: Drums (touring drummer)
- Never At Night cater to the ethereal desperation one may require if traveling through time without a toothbrush. Carefully pocketing sameness in an attempt to offer quietly thundered reveries, the band wish to devour you with an unfamiliar musical anesthesia: one found never inside of your heart, never outside of your nightmares and never at night.;

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