Monday, January 25, 2010

WildeStarr releases video

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the fast-rising metallic duo, WildeStarr, are certainly off to a great start with their recently released clip for the song “Arrival.”

The video is a visually stunning sci-fi work of art combining dark elements of Blade Runner, Batman, The Outer Limits, and classic film noir.

The dramatic visuals are a perfect compliment to the power and intensity of WildeStarr's headbanging fury - and metalheads will soon get the opportunity to check out this striking clip.
WildeStarr's Incredible symphonic melodic metal blends new and old influences to create a unique and original sound.

Comprised of guitarist Dave Starr (who originally came to the attention of metalheads as the bassist for such acts as Vicious Rumors and Chastain) and singer London Wilde (who re-defines female-fronted metal), the group’s debut album, also titled ‘Arrival,’ was just issued on Furnace Maximus Records, and has racked up some impressive accolades.

Just a few of the many comments from the metal community regarding WildeStarr....

Michael Fischer from says, "WildeStarr ‘Arrival’ is a progressive rock masterpiece! Hands down this is the best record of 2009!” says, "WildeStarr ‘Arrival’ has such power that this disc has already been considered by many as the best debut of 2009. And this writer fully agrees!" adds, "With WildeStarr ‘Arrival,’ you get a truly powerful album which will be instantly liked, nay loved by most power metal fans, and will probably haul over most female-fronted band-haters to the ‘other side’ as well!"

UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore says: "Dave and London open up a big ole can of melodic heavy metal whoop ass on this one. At times the tunes remind me a little of Dream Theater. This CD definitely rocks heavily!" And now with their new video clip for “Arrival,” the duo are geared up to pick up more fans worldwide.

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