Monday, January 25, 2010

Pasadena residents urged to be storm-ready


With a chance of rain tonight and more storms likely tomorrow, Pasadena residents in hillside areas are encouraged to begin preparations for potential mudslides before the showers begin again.

Sand and sandbags are available for Pasadena residents at two locations: Fire Station #37, 3430 E. Foothill Blvd., and Fire Station # 38, 1150 Linda Vista Ave.

Here are some preparation tips from the Pasadena Fire Department:

* More than 100 Californians have been killed by debris flows over the past 25 years. Do not sleep in lower-floor bedrooms on the sides of homes that face potentially hazardous hillsides.

* Before and during rains, inspect hillsides near your home for symptoms of downslope movements, including increased muddiness, a sudden increase in water runoff, tilting trees, and the appearance of holes, bare spots and bulges.

* Listen for unusual rumbling sounds or noises that may indicate shifting bedrock or breaking vegetation or structures.

* Clear debris and overgrowth from drainage channels and rain gutters.

* Keep adequate fuel in your car; power outages might shut down gas pumps.

* Don’t use any food, even canned, that has come in contact with rainwater.

* Stay away from storm drain channels and other bodies of water.

* Keep your disaster kit updated with a flashlight, extra batteries, portable battery-operated radio, first aid kit and manual, emergency food and water for your family and pets, non-electric can opener, essential medications, sturdy shoes, and comfort items for children.

* Keep adequate fuel in your car; power outages might shut down gas pumps.

* Visit for more emergency preparation information.

* Allow extra time and caution for travel on wet roads.

* For the latest weather updates, visit, or watch or listen to Los Angeles-area television and radio news.

The Pasadena Fire Department, Public Works Department, Police Department, and Pasadena Water and Power are standing by with personnel and equipment to respond to any flooding or mudslides that may occur in Pasadena.

Residents who have non-emergency issues related to the storm may call the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241; or, during regular business hours, the Pasadena Fire Department at (626) 744-4675. In case of emergency call 9-1-1.

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