Thursday, April 18, 2013

Naama Kates in LA April 26

Naama Kates


Naama Kates



Los Angeles, CA

Hey y'all

Where did all the music go?  Feels like I'm riding it when it used to write me.

I just sent out my first batch of CDs so don't fret if you haven't received it yet; I have not forgotten you!  Just a costly business, all of this all.... 

To those of you who haven't pre-purchased one via IndieGogo months ago or otherwise, please do so if ya like; they are now available at:

In hard copy... Or through Amazon or iTunes... "King for the Day" and "The Unexamined Life" both.  I dunno.  I'm sure you know.  But I still like to dream about the day that someone will wanna buy one.....  Oh, phantasie....

OR- you could come to my show..... Friday, April 26th at 10 PM at Room 5.  Room 5 is amazing and Emily Herndon/The Well Pennies are on at 9, and then um, us, and then, we'll be followed by Dree Paterson, who sounds like Amy Winehouse.  <3 nbsp="" p="">

I don't have any more shows booked in LA... 

It used to write me.

Love and other indoor sports


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