Friday, December 7, 2007

Daryl Hall launches Live From Daryl's House Webcast

“I feel like a new kind of media pioneer, as if we were at the dawn of television,” says Daryl Hall of his newest venture, Live From Daryl’s House, a monthly webcast which features him playing along with friends and colleagues in an intimate setting. “The rules are completely different. It’s freer and more flexible. I love the immediacy of putting out a new song, straight from my brain or the studio directly to the public.”

The second installment of Live From Daryl’s House, recorded at Hall’s upstate New York home with partner John Oates and T Bone Wolk, along with the rest of the band as well as a full string section, debuts December 15 at 8PM Eastern exclusively on The concert will feature songs from the band’s recently released Home for Christmas album on their own U-Watch/DKE Records label, distributed by ICON Music Entertainment Services, giving fans a version of the current tour, which started Nov. 30th in Chicago and runs through December 17th in Philadelphia.

“Musically, it’s amazing, it really came out fantastic,” says Daryl of the performance. “We decorated the big room with a Christmas tree and all the trimmings. Anybody that doesn’t get a chance to see the live show can catch it online. From a technical standpoint, it’s going to be even better than the first one.”

Since the first show, the site now includes the option to view the concert on a full screen, with the ability to listen to individual songs in the set on demand. The initial Live From Daryl’s House drew upwards of 46,000 hits and 30,000 individuals watching the entire webcast.

“The response has been so far beyond what I thought it would be,” says Hall, who says he’s using the information to find out about his fans, so he can continue to communicate with them about tour dates, album releases and other events involving him and the band.

“We’re finding out what you can and can’t do, what works and doesn’t work, as we go along,” he laughs.
For Hall, the Internet has been a godsend, enabling him to be independent of the stifling interference of a major label.

“All those who are afraid of this are terrified of giving up the status quo,” he explains. “They’ve been doing business by rote the same way for 50 years. But times have changed. I’m sure people were saying the same thing in 1905 when cars replaced the horse and buggy. Those dependent on the old technology have become mentally lazy. That’s why they’ve become dinosaurs.”

If you plan on being Home for Christmas, celebrate it with Daryl Hall and John Oates, Live From Daryl’s House on December 15. It’s their gift that keeps on giving through the holiday season.

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