Friday, October 5, 2012

End o' week musings

Music and dance was the theme this week~ YAY!

On Friday I checked out the Average Jazz Band during its show in Claremont. It was in the busy courtyard of the Laemmle Theater and surprisingly lots of people were stopping and finding a place to sit - or dance - for the concert. Why I'm surprised is because the space is surrounded by restaurants and of course the movie theater, so people were obviously on their way somewhere when they passed the band. Why I'm not surprised is because they're quite good.

Average Jazz Band ( ) offered up a nice selection from both ends of the jazz spectrum-- classic standards through funk and even some Michael Jackson hits. They have good arrangements, a tight sound and terrific players. I'm working on a story about them, so watch

Saturday I  danced at the Punk Rock Museum in Los Angeles. It is on the edge of Chinatown and has easy parking. The exhibit, "Punk Royals," was good. There were paintings, prints and photographs focused on the theme, as well as artists vending in the courtyard. There was also a big room with a stage for the entertainment. I danced in front of the stage so I could easily go into the audience. I shook my groove thing to "La Vida Loca" by Toy Dolls and then danced slowly to "Sacred Love" by Bad Brains-- I even dared to do the three swords on my head and received yells for an encore when I finished. What a great crowd!

Sunday it was back to the Los Angeles County Fair to do the daily parade. I tossed beads from the circus float, but it was sooo hot, that I went home afterwards. I returned to the fair in the evening and enjoyed riding Le Grand Ferris Wheel and peeking around at the displays. I also caught a great band in the Plaza de la Americas and the Bejing acrobats on the Esmeralda stage.

The rest of my week was filled with interviews, including Xavier Rudd, who called me from Australia. 

I won't be in my office Monday, but I'll have some good adventures to share on Friday, as I'll be at the renaissance faire in Casa de Fruta this weekend.

In rotation this week: Ronnie James Dio, Owl City, Incubus and Slash.

Thought o' the week: Relax and let it flow. In planning my outing to NoCal with my bandmates, I noticed that some of them are very concerned about being there at a certain time and doing everything on a schedule. I get that, but I prefer not stressing on those things. Sure, I'll leave early enough and be on time when I need to, otherwise I'm planning to let go and just enjoy what happens.

Sometimes we need a break from our daily routine and to get away from the clock a bit. It doesn't mean that you become lax and let important things go or let people down, just let flow what you can. And I think the next two days will do me good. How about you? When's the last time you relaxed and let it flow?

Keep on rockin'

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