Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PF Sloan, Creed Bratton and more in Altadena Oct. 27

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake
Altadena, CA.  Phone For Reservations:  (626) 798-6236


PF SLOAN... His songs have been recorded by hundreds of Artists from  Mel Jan and Dean.“Secret Agent,” by Johnny Rivers, “Eve of Destruction,” by Barry McGuire, “You Baby,” and “Let Me Be,” The Turtles
“Where Were You When I Needed You.” by The Grassroots, “A Must To Avoid,” By Hermans Hermits, and many others. He is considered one of the influential songwriters in American music. In 2012 he was honored with a nomination to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  He is somewhat of a mystery though to many, and his rare live performances may have been the reason for Jimmy Webbs ode, ”I Have Been Seeking PF Sloan!”
Lead guitarist on all the Mamas & Papas hits including “California Dreamin’” as well as many hits by the Grassroots. His first Musical Play with Stephen E. Feinberg about the real life of LV Beethovenis in the works.

MARIE MORESHEAD...With an acoustic guitar in hand, Marie Moreshead has shared the stage with regionally and nationally touring acts including Ray LaMontagne, Sonya Kitchell, and NeedToBreathe. In 2010, she was voted “Best Female Vocalist” in the Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll Awards and was selected as a showcase artist for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in New York. Moreshead collaborates with producer Doctor Rosen Rosen in their band wanderhouse, and their cover of the classic "Love Hurts," was featured on the CW's show Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. She  lives in Los Angeles.

CREED BRATTON..... is an American actor and musician, a former member of The Grass Roots. Nowadays, he is best known for playing a fictional version of himself on the American adaptation of The Office on NBC. 
Creed Bratton is one of the funniest people on the planet as well as being a very talented singer - songwriter-guitarist. His years with The Grassroots, one of Americas great top 40 bands, is where he learned his craft. 
He weaves his humor and music together in a way that is a true delight! 

Saturday, October 27. Show @ 7:00 P.M. Tixs: $20


goodshipnevermove said...

P.F. Sloan is one of the greatest rebels in rock history. After writing hundreds of songs and some of the biggest hits of the sixties ("Eve Of Destruction" "Secret Agent Man", "You Baby") he decided to start singing his own songs--rare in those days. P.F. cleared the path for so many singer/songwriters today. I think that is why Jimmy Webb penned his ode to Phil Sloan, "P.F. Sloan." The English pop star, Rumer, has just released Webb's song--she understand his impact on American music. P.F. Sloan appeared on so many records that it is hard to even count them--he is the falsetto on "Litttle Old Lady From Pasadena" and it is Phil's guitar on the biggest Mamas and Papas hits, including the wonderful guitar on "California Dreamin'." I am so happy to hear that he will be performing at the Coffee Gallery. S.F.

S.E. Feinberg said...

P.F. Sloan and his former partner, Steve Barri have been nominated for the 2013 Songwriters Hall Of Fame. This is their second nomination. Today, at the Far West Folk Alliance, many were talking about the upcoming show at the Coffee Gallery. P.F. Sloan gave a heartfelt speech for Barry McGuire. So make your reservations early. This will be a memorable show. S.F.

S.E. Feinberg said...

Every once in a great while, magic happens at a performance. This was certainly the case last Saturday night at The Coffee Gallery--one of the coolest little venues in Southern California. This was the night that P.F. Sloan stirred our souls with some of the most honest and coolest music I have ever heard--and I have been listening to his stuff since 1965, when I was thirteen but I have never seen him live. His shows are rare and wonderful. His stories and wit are sharp and nostalgic. The audience gasped at times during these memories and musinghs between the songs. But this was not a cruise down memory lane. His new arrangements of "Secret Agent Man" and "Eve Of Destruction" blew our hair back. His new songs were vintage Sloan--melodic and moving, especially a new tune called "New Design." The concert I saw on this night was relevant. The audience felt good after the show and most did not leave for a very long time. Bob Stane, the owner, suggested a question and answer period and Creed and Phil took the stage. Very, very nice touch. Everyone at this sold-out show thought so. This 2013 nominee for the Songwriters Hall Of Fame...this man who has penned hundreds and hundreds of songs and influenced so many others that we have all heard--truly, one of the great geniuses in American music. Phil shared the stage with the witty and fabulously talented Creed Bratton from "The Office" and a former member of The Grassroots. Their love for each other was obvious--each beaming at the other's tunes--they joined each other at the end for "Where Were You When I Needed You"--an iconic Sloan classic. Warren Entner of The Grassroots was in the audience and enjoying the music of his old pals. Marie Moreshead, started the show off with her beautiful, gentle voice and powerful lyrics. Marie, a top singer/songwriter has been appearing at many local clubs and her singing has been featured on CW's "Ringer". If you ever have the chance to see P.F. Sloan, don't hestitate. You will not be disappointed. Jimmy Webb penned his famous song, "P.F. Sloan" and in it, he sings, "I've been seeking P.F. Sloan but no one knows where he has gone..." Well...I found him at The Coffee Gallery in Altadena. And I think my life is better for it. S.Chap.