Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sofia Talvik in Altadena Nov. 8

Sofia Talvik is a Singer/Songwriter who combines modal chord changes and beautiful airy production with the gentle singing of a 70's folk songstress. Her music will make you think of Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Belle & Sebastian and Aimee Mann. Her tour is called "Drivin' & Dreaming" as she's touring in an old RV that she bought in Florida and which will be her home for the tour. Unlike her previous US tours this tour is all about playing her way through the US, visiting small towns as well as big towns. 

"No town is too small as long as there's people there who want to hear my music" Talvik says. "A lot of European artists only play in the big cities when they come to the US because that's what looks cool on their tour history but I'm all about the grass root approach and about meeting the real people of America."
The tour is called Drivin' & Dreaming and I love the name because it referrers to the vast distances I will be driving across America to play for all of you, and the fact that I also follow my dream by doing so. It also reminds me of a favorite song that’s called "Falling and Flying" from the movie "Crazy Heart". 
Sofia is a well established artist in Sweden and has played at several festivals in the US including The Lollapalooza and SXSW. In December 2011 she started out a two year long tour throughout America and has since played a bunch of official showcases at The Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis, TN, 8 smashing concerts at SXSW in Austin, TX, and in total over 150 gigs since the tour started 9 months ago. In January she released her 5th album "The Owls Are Not What They Seem"  that has inhabited Bandcamps toplist for most sold folk album these last weeks.

She will be playing on:
Thursday, 11/08 in Altadena, CAThe Coffee Gallery Backstage Time: 8:00 pm.
Thursday, 11/15 in Los Angeles, CAat Hotel CafĂ© Time: 7:00 pm.


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