Monday, July 16, 2007

Acute still on the road

ACUTE--who recently released their debut ARMS AROUND A STRANGER via indie HELP Records--are earning critical acclaim for their mix of gorgeous pop melodies with finely etched landscapes of sound.
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“Blending frenzied guitars with upbeat melodies, there’s a something for everyone on this CD.”
--Erica Carter, CAMPUS CIRCLE, July 4, 2007

“The fuzzy guitars and poppy vocals in this song [‘Follow You Home’] by indie pop act Acute are reminiscent of a certain band fronted by Rivers Cuomo, but Acute ditches the lovelorn loser vibe to sing about getting even with someone via old-school fisticuffs.”
--Maxine Shen, NEW YORK POST, June 5, 2007

“Acute traverse that dark and rich territory occupied by gloomy vocals and plodding guitars that are so bass-y they bring you down, but comfort you after you hit rock-bottom.”
--Lily Moayeri, MEAN STREET, May 2007

“Armed with fuzzy guitars and sharp as Ginsu-songcraft, these veterans of underrated never-weres Poulain and Ozma are the latest gold medalists in Los Angeles’ continuing power pop Olympics.”
--Jennifer Edmondson, SPIN, May 2007

“…This Los Angeles trio do pull it back from the orchestra pit on the rockers, from the tuneful Zombies-esque piano pop of ‘Trouble’ to ‘The City,’ where Cars-flavored keyboards and chugging guitars were apparently just what they needed. But the band really work the Wall Of Sound on the ballads, bringing chamber strings, pedal steel, harpsichord, flute and a whistling solo to ‘Saint’ and making the most of a moody cello on the melancholy ‘Rush To It,’ where no one’s rushing anywhere.”
--Ed Masley, ALTERNATIVE PRESS, July 2007

"...indie-pop that's sweet as candy, rich in variety and multi-layered for the discerning listener."
--Peter Lindblad, GOLDMINE, Feature, June 2007

“Produced by Dave Trumfio, who worked wonders for My Morning Jacket and Wilco, this debut full-length is a solid step forward. Building on the eclectic songwriting Acute displayed on its 2006 EP, the act continues to craft catchy pop hooks that hit home like a late-afternoon caffeine buzz.”
--Brandon Daviet, WESTWORD (Denver), April 5, 2007

“…Acute goes about penning memorable alt-pop the good old fashioned way -- that lasts the full duration of an entire album. With the majority of up-and-coming rock bands seeming concerned primarily with getting their look just right for photo shoots rather than penning an album's worth of memorable songs, Arms Around A Stranger shows that Acute is one of the few exceptions.”

“This L.A. trio specializes in heavily synthesized pop/rock soundscapes, which often delve into straight-ahead power pop (‘The City’). The baritone vocals can be haunting and seductive…There are endless pop melodies to spare (‘Trouble’) and gratifying wordplay throughout, as on the up-tempo love song ‘Take a Step Back’.”
--Paul Maldonado, ALBUQUERQUE TRIBUNE, June 22, 2007

“Isaac Lekach's ministrations as a melody fiend were on full display in his old band, Poulain, a project that never scored any hits except those that found the sweet spot of a few Los Angeles pop fans. Now his fixation has become Acute--the name of Lekach's new four-piece founded with ex-Ozma drummer Patrick Edwards. The songs [on Arms Around a Stranger, Acute's debut] boast lavish orchestration-strings, horns, backing vocals (including a cameo by the Like's Z Berg), pedal steel and Wurlitzer-that gives the record a cinematic quality.”
–Kevin Bronson, LOS ANGELES TIMES (May 3, 2007)
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Catch ACUTE in the following cities:

Death + Taxes Tour with Jesse Malin
Fri 7/6 Athens, GA The Melting Pot
Sat 7/7 Nashville, TN Exit/Inn
Sun 7/8 Atlanta, GA 99X radio show
Tue 7/10 Cincinnati, OH 20th Century
Wed 7/11 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
Thu 7/12 Minneapolis, MN Fine Line Music Cafe
Sat 7/14 Toledo, OH Headliner’s
Sun 7/15 Cleveland, OH Cambridge Room (inside HOB)
Tue 7/17 Montreal, QUE Main Hall
Wed 7/18 Cambridge, MA T. T. the Bears
Thu 7/19 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
Fri 7/20 Brooklyn, NY Luna Lounge
Sat 7/21 Vienna, VA Jammin’ Java

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