Monday, July 30, 2007

TAB is on tour

TAB Announces Summer Tour
Boston’s Latest & Greatest Rock Trio / Tony, Adrian, Ben
Look Out For Debut LP
Debut Single “CYT or Secretary’s Day”:

Boston Herald “With loads more talent than your average rock star progeny, the promising TAB should do fine without parental interference. Unlike dad's relatively clean brand of dirty rock 'n' roll, bassist/vocalist Adrian and guitarist Tony indulge in messy music mired in dark Deep Purple and Black Sabbath riffs and hip White Stripes and Stooges changes.”

July 28 - TT The Bear’s - Boston, MA
July 29 - The Khyber – Philadelphia, PA
July 30th – Piano’s – New York, NY
Aug 8 - Café du Nord, San Francisco, CA
Aug 9 The Echo - Los Angeles, CA
Aug 14 Troubadour- Los Angeles, CA
Aug 24 – Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
Aug 30 The Khyber – Philadelphia, PA
Aug 31 TT The Bear’s – Boston, MA

TAB formed in December, 2006 after Tony and Adrian decided they wanted to start a rap group featuring the characters Professor Bizniss and Tony Vegas, two fun loving lotharios who loved the ladies, money, and pimpin straight out of the south shore of Massachusetts. Luckily, Ben Tileston was there and, using the power of persuasion (and a lot of miller lite), got the band to stop rapping. What resulted was a ragged, hard rock band the likes of which has not been seen since 1974, but sounds like it could still be good in 2074. After their father, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, heard their first demos, he was impressed, but advised them not to write their own bio. They did not heed his advice.

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