Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get a peek at Horse the Band's next album cover

HORSE the Band, along with COMBAT/KOCH Records, has just released the album art for “A Natural Death,” which hits the streets August 28! The cover for the album can be found at

HORSE the Band enlisted talented LA-based artist Billygoat (David Klein) to bring the ideas of “A Natural Death” to life. The art was constructed from a 6 foot long, mixed media diorama which was made out of wood. This diorama will be used as the cover and fold-out insert for the album.

Everything from the intricate woodcutting to the smallest details was done painstakingly by hand. The piece tells a story in 6 panels that starts with creation and ends with a natural death, illustrating the themes of the record and tying the whole experience together.

Check out the new cover art for “A Natural Death” at The track listing for “A Natural Death” is as follows:

1. Hyperborea
2. Murder
3. The Startling Secret of Super Sapphire
4. The Beach
5. Face of Bear
6. Crickets
7. New York City
8. Sex Raptor
9. Broken Trail
10. The Red Tornado
11. Treasure Train
12. His Purple Majesty
13. Kangarooster Meadows
14. Rotting Horse
15. I think we are both suffering from the same crushing metaphysical crisis
16. Lif

HORSE the Band has just come off of touring with Wes Borland’s new band, Black Light Burns, as they await the release of their new album. Be sure to catch their wild performances soon!

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