Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Punkers Orange's 2nd effort due out in September

"Simply put. Great songs, sung by a great singer, played by a great band"
Jeff Lowe Loud Fast Rules

Punk rock outfit Orange will release their sophomore album, Escape From L.A., on September 11th through Hellcat Records. A slice of life about the realities and pitfalls of living in LA, the new album's hard edged riffs and ironic and insightful lyrics inspire optimism based around a somewhat sinister city.

Produced by Phil Jaurigui at Swinghouse studios in Hollywood, recorded in under two weeks, and written mostly on the road while the band were touring over the past two years "Escape From L.A." bridges the gap between pop-punk and rock through the band's brash swagger, upbeat attitude and their inability to take anything too seriously. Orange captures the spirit of youth and urgency on tracks like the anthemic punk sing-along "What I'm Looking For," their rallying call for frustrated youth "Not Coming Home" a journey of self discovery in "Stars" and their extremely contagious take on, and probably the years most audacious cover, "Karma Chameleon."

"We put our heart and soul into every note on this record, its not the kind of whine-o pop punk your all used to, it's got something special," says vocalist/bassist Joe Dexter. "Sure, I'm as pissed off as everyone and there is a lot of that on this album but there is still a huge message of hope in every song."

Separating themselves from the rest, Orange, as anyone who has seen their energetic live shows will testify, look set to pump life and excitement back into punk rock.

Escape From L.A. Tracklisting:

1. Not Coming Home
2. Get The Fu*K Out Of My Way
3. Tiara
4. What I¹m Looking For
5. The Last Punk In LA
6. Too Scared To Fall In Love
7. The Only Ones
8. Flying Without Fear
9. Republicans
10. Stars
11. Karma Chameleon

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